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Austin Annual Maintenance Plan (AMP)

We want to make sure that your lights remain burning brightly for years to come. Whether you have a halogen bulb based system or an LED system, we provide you with a one year comprehensive service plan after installation is complete. If anything goes wrong, simply call us and we repair at no cost to you.

If you have purchased a halogen based system, we will offer you our Annual Maintenance Plan (AMP) service contract on the anniversary. We will change out all bulbs and extend your service plan for an additional year.

If you have purchased an LED based system, we will not change out the bulbs on the anniversary, but we will come out and do a proactive tuneup of the entire system at anniversary. Our LED bulbs carry a five year warranty that can be extended to lifetime with renewal of the optional extended service plan each year.

On an annual basis we:
• Replace any burnt bulbs
• Repair any damaged wire
• Re-bury any wiring that has surfaced
• Straighten fixtures that may have been bumped
• Inspect your transformer
• Reset / check your timer
• Trim for plant overgrowth that may be obstructing the light beam
• Perform simple changes to enhance the effects of your lighting

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