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October is National Outdoor Lighting Month

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is a proud sponsor of National Outdoor Lighting Month! National Outdoor Lighting Month takes place in October and is focused on increasing awareness on the benefits outdoor lighting can make on your home’s safety, security and lifestyle.

October was chosen for the awareness month as nights get longer and days become shorter. The time change occurs on Sunday, November 3rd this year. As Rich Young of our Outdoor Lighting Perspectives team explains, “October was selected as the month for this campaign as Daylight Savings Time brings extended evening hours. The darkness really helps drive home the importance and benefit of outdoor lighting and the dramatic difference it can make.”

To help support the effort, was constructed for quick information on benefits of outdoor living. The dedicated page explains why people should consider outdoor lighting, illustrates the difference lighting can make through different outdoor lighting techniques, highlights the efforts’ partners and promotes a free guide for visitors.

From solar lighting to LED landscape lighting, there are numerous types of outdoor lighting. Over the years, we’ve seen bad design, installation issues and the wrong fixtures used in systems put in by the homeowner. When investing in outdoor lighting, using a professional outdoor lighting company will give you the best results. Available on, the free guide provides tips from the pros on design, products, installation and service.

Outdoor lighting design is the key to making your property look great. It’s centered on the idea of using the right fixtures in the correct places. Our motto is “it’s about the effect, not the lights” and to that point less is definitely more. If too many light fixtures are used in a particular space, we call this over lamping; it can wash out your home and landscaping instead of enhancing it. A good outdoor design is developed with the clients’ goals in mind.

Even though lighting is about the effect, which products are used is important. For us, we used solid copper and brass fixtures that are sure to last. Our transformers and timers are installed with each system so the clients’ worries over their lighting system are minimal.

Installation goes way beyond sticking some outdoor lights in the ground. A professional outdoor lighting company will install and check each light thoroughly before leaving your property. Your property should be treated respectfully and look as good as you left it. And lastly, the best outdoor lighting designers will come back soon after the installation as night for final adjustments.

Like many things around the home, an outdoor lighting system does require periodic maintenance. If your outdoor lighting company doesn’t offer maintenance plans, you’ll want to find someone to service your system.

If you have any questions National Outdoor Lighting Month, or outdoor lighting in general, please reach out to your local Outdoor Lighting Perspectives office.

Making Your Home Halloween Ready

I can’t believe that it is almost October, which means it is time to get ready for Halloween. From spiders and bats to ghosts and goblins, the possibilities are endless when it comes to decorating the front of your home for Halloween.

The key to any outdoor holiday lighting is to have fun! Do what you like. If you like something that is a little more creepy, this is the time of year to do it! In case you are thinking of ways to decorate the front of your home for the holidays, here are some ideas. And, if you missed some of our easy Halloween lighting ideas from last year, read them here.

Change out your bulbs. This is the easiest way to give your home the Halloween feel. Most homes have some type of coach light by their front door. For the month of October, switch the bulbs to an orange or purple light. It will still provide enough lighting for trick-or-treaters to see where they are stepping, but will be special for the holiday. If you have more outdoor lighting, ask your outdoor lighting company if they can put colored gels on your lens covers for Halloween. It could make your whole home glow!

Embrace the spider webs. 10 months out of the year, I really don’t like spider webs. In October, I say bring on the webs, at least the fake ones. We’ve all seen the synthetic spider webs that you can buy for Halloween. The best places to use these webs are often close to your front door where there is light. With the lighting shining through them, they’ll be able to be appreciated all times of the day. If you have a covered front porch, install them up in the corners. If you don’t have a covered porch, look around your railings. Most fake spider webs comes with spiders too for some added creep!

Bats galore. Bats are synonymous with Halloween and an easy way to decorate your home for the holiday. Cut out some bat shapes from heavy black paper or cardboard and look for places to hang them with tape or clear fishing line. My mom used to hang them from the ceiling of our porch at different heights.

Someone is looking at you. No one likes the feeling that someone in the dark is watching what you are doing, but it is a great Halloween idea. And it is easy to do! Take hold paper towel rolls and cut eye shapes into them. Vary the sizes and shapes, but one roll should be good enough for one pair of eyes. On the night of Halloween (or any time you want to do this during the season), place glow sticks inside the tube and place them in the bushes or trees around your house. The area should be dark enough where you can’t see the tube, but just the light it is giving off.

Make your garden glow. Orange, green and purple string lights can be used all around your home during the month of October. They are not only pretty, but eerie. A great way to use them that isn’t as predictable is in your flowerbeds. Lay the string lights (LED rope lighting is even better for this) along the edges of your flowerbeds or under your bushes. It will give the space that “glowing from the ground” look. Two things to check for this one are that the lights are made for the outdoors and that they won’t be sitting in any standing water.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we provide our clients with outdoor holiday décor for any holiday. If you are interested in learning about the benefits of professional holiday lighting, please contact your local Outdoor Lighting Perspectives office.

Decorating Outdoors? Use these Safety Tips

We are not far from outdoor holiday decorating time. While it is fun (for some people) to decorate the house with lights and décor pieces, it can be dangerous. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, 12,000 people are injured each year due to holiday decorating. If you are going to hang lights or decorate outdoors for any holiday (Halloween, Hanukah, Christmas, etc.), keep these safety tips in mind.

Before you go outside…

Check your outdoor holiday lights. Have you ever spent hours on a project to realize that something isn’t working properly? Don’t let that happen with your outdoor holiday décor. Plug each string of lights in and check each bulb before installing it. Make sure each bulb not only works, but also is screwed in its socket tightly so you know it will work once installed. It’s much easier to check and change bulbs in the comfort of your living room than outside on a ladder.

Read the product information. This goes for both your lights and any extension cords you may be planning on using for the system. The first thing to check is what they are actually made for. There is a big difference between products that are made for outdoor use and those that are made for indoor use. Outdoor products are designed to withstand the elements, indoors aren’t. Using indoor product outdoors can cause shortages and failures. Once you’ve verified that your lights and cords are safe to use, check any usage numbers associated with the cords. You don’t want to overload them with too many strings of lights.

Dress appropriately for what you are doing. This tip is particularly important if you are going up on a roof, in a tree or up a ladder. What shoes you wear are incredibly important. They need to have traction so that you don’t slip on any surface that may become wet and slippery. Additionally, don’t wear too loose of clothing that may get caught on branches, clips, ladders, etc. The more fitted your clothing is the less likely you are to have to free yourself of being connected to something.

While installing…

Have a buddy to help. It’s always safer to install lighting, especially any that is off the ground, using the buddy system. Your buddy can spot you as you climb and pass you anything that you may need allowing you to focus on your safety and what you are hanging or installing.

Unplug everything. While installing your lights, you should not have it connected to a power source. They should be off. It is much safer to not have any electricity running through a system while you are working with it.

Make sure everything is secure. While the holidays are a time of cheer, they also happen to occur in months that can be harsh. Make sure that your outdoor holiday lights are securely connected to your home, tree, etc. so that nothing pulls in the wind. When securing things to your home, DO NOT USE NAILS! Nailing or stapling lights to your home may cause future damage like leaks in your roof. Use lighting clips that are made for installing string lights. They are easy to secure to and remove from your home.

After you’re finished installing…

Check the system. Plug everything in and make sure it is all working as planned. If something isn’t working and you think you know why, unplug everything again before trying to fix it. For lights that you placed or installed on the ground, make sure they aren’t in areas of your property that you know are known to hold water when it rains. Lights should never be in standing water.

Unplug the system at night. We all love not only enjoying our holiday lights, but also allowing our friends and neighbors to enjoy them as well. That being said, they shouldn’t be on all the time in case something sparks or shorts. When you go to bed, make sure everything is properly unplugged and off.

Enjoy. This is the key to all outdoor holiday systems. Go outside and just look at your lights.

For those of you who don’t want to chance injury, there are outdoor lighting companies, like us at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, that would be happy to install and take down your lights for you. If you have questions, please contact your local Outdoor Lighting Perspectives office.

Tree Lighting for the Holidays Adds Festive Flair

The holidays are a time for happiness and cheer. We at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives are happy to add to the ambiance through our outdoor holiday lighting service. It puts a smile on our faces when we see how welcoming and bright our clients’ homes can look for holiday visitors.

Each of our holiday lighting systems is different. At OLP, we custom design the lighting plan based on the clients’ properties, tastes and budgets. Our trained installers will put up the lights and take them down at the end of the season. Additionally, we store all of our clients’ lighting product for them so each bulb can be tested before being installed again the following year.

Holiday tree lighting is always a popular installation, but there is more than just one way to do it…

Wrapping trees in string lights is the most popular method of holiday tree lighting. It’s a design classic that can make a big impact. Take this tree from the Nashville capital for example. The Outdoor Lighting Perspectives team wrapped it thousands of bulbs to highlight its size and beauty. With the lights, it can now be admired both day and night. While white and red bulbs are used most often, string lights are available in a number of different colors.

There are numerous types of ornaments that are meant for the outdoors, but most of them don’t light up themselves. To add something extra to a tree, we have colored spheres in a variety of colors and sizes that can take on an ornamental feeling. The surface is textured, allowing for more “sparkle” than a smooth surface. For added excitement and visual interest, spheres with twinkling bulbs can be installed.

Snowflakes are one of the key icons of the holiday season. Snowflake lights can be hung from tree branches along with string lights to create a tree straight out of winter wonderland. Some of our snowflake lights are constructed with LED rope lighting and some are made with layers of metal that is back lit with LED bulbs. The most interesting trees with snowflake lighting have several different designs incorporated.

One type of outdoor holiday lighting that is growing in popularity is snowfall lighting. Snowfall lighting intends to mirror the look of falling snow. I like to think of snowfall lighting as icicle lights taken to the next level. Instead of having all of the lights on each line lit up at one time, they light up in one after the other. Here’s a video of a project that one of our locations did a few years ago that incorporated snowfall lights. Watch out for the “dripping” lights, that is snowfall lighting.

If you don’t have trees on your property, but would like something for the holidays, we have temporary, pre-lit trees that are perfect for outdoor décor. Some are made of poles and string lights, while others, like these spiral ones, are hollow structures that are taken apart at the end of the season.

If you have question on outdoor holiday lights, please contact your local Outdoor Lighting Perspectives.

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