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No-Hassle Holiday Lighting Makes the Season More Enjoyable

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love the holiday season. I love the music. I love the company. I love the food. And I definitely love the lights. From homes decked out from top to bottom in lights to those that have subtle candles in the window, they all make me smile.

Growing up, my mom always did something different with the front of the home. At the end of the day, our family, our neighbors and our friends loved whatever she did, but she never enjoyed the process of putting them up. She would sometimes complain about the time it took and how difficult some of it was and whether it was worth it. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we pride ourselves on no-hassle outdoor holiday lighting that you can sit back and just enjoy. Our full service program includes 4 steps: design, installation, take down and storage.

The first step of our holiday outdoor lighting process is design. We work with our clients to create a lighting display that fits their needs and budgets. While creating the design and choosing products, we will look at the property, the architecture of the home to create a custom look that is different from the neighbors’ home. The products may include roofline, door, yard and other decor products.

After the design is created and agreed upon, we will get all of the necessary products and install them on your behalf. There is never a need for you to get up on a ladder! And no need to waste your day installing outdoor lighting. Our trained and insured installers will test every bulb before and after installation ensuring your display is as festive as you desired.

My least favorite part of the holidays is having to take down our holiday decorations. It takes a ton of time to take them down and pack them up properly. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, the same trained installers that put up your lights will come and take them down, packing them up nicely to be used again next year. They will make note of all your products and supplies so nothing is lost between seasons.

The last step in our hassle-free outdoor holiday lighting service is storage. After we take down and pack up the lights, we take them back to our storage facility. By having all the pieces on our property, we can test each and every product and bulb before going to your home the next year to install them. That way, if a light is out, we know ahead of time and can order any replacement materials that are needed.

If you have questions on outdoor holiday décor, please contact your local Outdoor Lighting Perspectives office.

Outdoor lighting techniques bring out the best in your space

Outdoor lighting may sound simple, but truly great outdoor lighting is anything but simple. Going to a store, purchasing some lights and sticking them in the ground won’t give you the same gorgeous affect as a professionally designed outdoor lighting system.

October is National Outdoor Lighting Month, aiming to educate homeowners on the benefits of outdoor lighting. As Daylight Savings Time approaches the need for adequate lighting outside increases. educates the homeowner not only on the benefits of outdoor lighting, but also some of the commonly used techniques. At OLP, all of our designers are trained in combining these techniques to create the best possible system to highlight the client’s home and property. So what are the techniques?

Spotlighting – used for lighting stand alone features like trees and fountains, spot lighting is a great way to make the object stand out.

Shadowing – Creating shadows on a retaining wall or privacy fence is a great way to show difference textures.

Pathway lighting – walkways and paths are the most travelled areas of your outdoor living space, and also the most likely place for someone to trip and fall on something. Pathway lighting illuminates the space so friends and family know where they are stepping.

Uplighting – Uplighting is the most commonly used lighting technique when it comes to front façade lighting. By shooting the light upward, it grazes the horizontal surfaces highlighting the textures and colors of the property.

Pool lighting – Lighting the areas around your pool (as well as any water features around it, like a waterfall) will extend the time the space can be used and will decrease the chance of someone falling in accidentally!

Deck lighting – Decks are expensive and it would be a shame to be forced inside on a nice night just because the sun went down. Deck lighting illuminates the area with lights installed on the deck railings.

Holiday lighting – At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we are HUGE fans of outdoor holiday lighting. It makes your home look festive and cheerful at a time of year where it is all about friends and family getting together.

Event lighting – Event lighting is a must for any outdoor evening event. Whether it is a wedding, graduation party or other get-together, adding lighting will keep the party going longer and adds a special detail to the space.

More outdoor lighting information can be found on the National Outdoor Lighting Month website.

The Must Lights Areas for Added Security Lighting

As some of you may know, October is National Outdoor Lighting Month, aiming to educate homeowners on the benefits of outdoor lighting. Each of our clients have different reasons for installing outdoor lighting at their home, but one of the most common reasons is security.

Well-lit exteriors are less inviting to strangers and intruders. While it may make sense to have motion sensors placed on some of your lights in certain areas of your property, security lighting can also be beautiful. When designing your system, your outdoor lighting company should add lights in several areas of the property to increase your home’s security.

In a perfect case scenario, the entire front of the home would be well lit. The front façade, walkways, etc. would all have adequate illumination. Not only do well-lit homes look more lived in, but they are more difficult to break into. An intruder, for instance, is less likely to pick a lock on a front porch that is washed in light where passersby can see them than the home across the street which it pitch dark.

If the entire front of the home or property can’t be lit at one time, the first place to focus on is the entryways. Lit entryways make it more difficult for unwanted guests to either break in or walk out of your home with your possessions.

Lighting the outdoor living areas around your home has several benefits. The most obvious is that you can enjoy your decks, porches, patios, etc. well into the evening hours. Secondly, it invites the eye outside when you are spending time indoors, making your indoor spaces feel larger and more open. Lastly, by inviting the eye outdoors, people are less likely to try and hide in those bright areas where people can see them.

Some properties have areas that naturally are darker than others. Maybe there are streetlights that illuminate some of your property while other areas are left completely dark. Those dark areas of the property are inviting to intruders, they offer a place to hide. Consider adding lights in those areas making them less welcoming.

Outdoor lighting is a great way to increase the security of your home. A professional outdoor lighting company will not only design and install a system that considers safety, but also beauty. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we pride ourselves on design. Even though security may be the driving force behind the system, we still want all of you neighbors to oh and ah over your home. If you have questions regarding outdoor lighting, please reach out to your local Outdoor Lighting Perspectives location.

Increasing Your House's Value through Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting

Most homeowners want to increase the value of their home, not only for aesthetic purposes, but also for the future, just in case they decide to sell their house. According to a recent blog post on, installing certain lighting trends will increase the worth of a house and make it more eye-catching to potential buyers. These trends use safe and economical low-voltage outdoor lighting solutions, which is quickly becoming the favored alternative to conventional options.

The blog mentioned key areas of the home where people can install the trendy fixtures, and one of these prime locations is the deck. Houses with decks will benefit from being properly illuminated, since certain lights will enhance the beauty of the natural wood deck. Homeowners who go this route should buy low-voltage lights that are safer for outdoor use and durable during bad weather.

This helpful blog post also suggested a few more creative deck lighting options like recessed deck lights. Although they will cost more money, recessed lights will add significant value to a house’s curb appeal. They are made from durable plastic and they will not obstruct anyone’s path. They will subtly illuminate walkways from wherever they are installed onto steps or the floor.

The article also recommends using deck post cap lights on top of railing posts. These add a more decorative touch during the daytime and provide a romantic glow when they are turned on at night. The blog also suggests using deck post lights that can illuminate the bottom portion of the posts to give them a striking appeal. These can be mounted on posts or recessed into them.

Deck lanterns are another option that can make a house more attractive, especially for potential buyers. Lanterns are a very suitable choice for covered decks, since they can be hung from the ceiling instead of using clunky plastic patio lights. Lanterns are available in many styles, including tiny LED lights or designer stainless steel.

The blog made sure to note that these deck lights should be installed by a professional. Homeowners should always take their time choosing the right supplier, so they make sure they get the fixtures that they want at a reasonable price. It is best to select products that come from reputable sources like Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, which has a solid track record of providing quality lighting solutions.

Three Outdoor Lighting Ideas to Make One’s Property Safer

A homeowner could have outdoor lights installed for a variety of different reasons. These could range from enhancing the overall beauty of the home to providing an opportunity for residents to spend quality time together under a starry night sky. What homeowners may not realize is that outdoor lighting can also increase security for their property. Below are three outdoor lighting ideas from an article on that anyone can apply to ensure their relatives and guests are always safe on their premises.

One idea is to use outdoor lighting to create safe pathways. Lit paths are used to indicate safe routes to and from the home. This can be especially helpful if the route crosses through gardens or extensive landscaping. If homeowners hold parties in their backyard at night, well-lit pathways create visible boundaries between walkable areas and areas that should be avoided. Pathway lighting is designed to prevent accidents or injuries from occurring on your property.

Another idea is to apply outdoor lights that will prevent vehicle damage. Outdoor lighting installed in the right places can minimize the chance of damage done to people and to your property. Homeowners who back a car into a poorly lit driveway might hit some part of the house or someone that they couldn’t see in the driveway. Outdoor lights or low path lights will eliminate this problem by illuminating the driveway leading into the garage.

Another great technique is to apply an outdoor lighting system specifically designed to deter criminals. Burglars usually operate at night and target homes that are not well lit. Lights can be strategically installed outside a home to illuminate dark areas where burglars might like to hide. Rich Young from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives notes that using LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights for this purpose is a great alternative to more expensive home security products.

Outdoor lights can do a lot more than most homeowner would expect. Homeowners can apply any of these ideas to their outdoor patio or landscaping to start reaping the benefits. You can start the planning right now by deciding on the ultimate purpose for your outdoor lights, where you will want them installed, and how much you can afford to invest in them. Anyone on the team at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives can help you with your decisions.

Police Note Value of Commercial Outdoor Lighting in Foiling Burglaries

According to an August news post on, the Bermuda Police service has noticed a “persistent rise in commercial burglaries around the island.” This came following three separate incidents that happened within 24 hours to various business establishments on Lover’s Lane in Paget, on Parliament Street, and on Laffan Street.

In the wake of investigations, police officials urged business owners to review the safety and security solutions they are currently using, including the commercial outdoor lighting systems that they may or may not have installed around their premises. Authorities also gave business owners some helpful tips about what they could do to avoid being burglarized.

The report said that police advised the installation of quality outdoor commercial lighting placed at least 12 feet above the ground. They also recommended the use of passive infrared lighting systems that automatically turn the lights on when a person or vehicle hits the sensors. Aside from ample outdoor lighting, they also encouraged business proprietors to invest in reliable alarm systems for additional security, particularly in areas where valuables are stored.

The police also emphasized the importance of having efficient structural security measures. They specified that doors should be made of high-quality materials with solid cores and durable locks. Additionally, windows should have secondary locks with metal bars installed on the frames. Another suggestion the police made was using brackets or carriage bolts to secure air conditioning units in place. This way they cannot be pushed in from the outside to create an entry point into a building.

The key is to have all safety and security solutions working together to deter crimes, especially when there is no one there to look after a site. No matter where your business is located in the world, it is vital that you purchase safety, security, and lighting solutions from dependable manufacturers and experienced professionals like Outdoor Lighting Perspectives. These companies provide topnotch products that can be trusted to survive even the toughest and most demanding conditions. They will not only give you the best value for your money, but they can help you protect your property and your profits from thieves.

Three Common Outdoor Lighting Mistakes and How Homeowners Can Fix Them

People will spend a lot of time, money, and effort to make their gardens or outdoor living spaces more attractive and lively, especially at night. Many homeowners will install outdoor lights and lamps to create the right look for their home. Unfortunately, some tend to make outdoor lighting mistakes that distract from their original purpose. Thankfully, there are landscape lighting experts like us who can offer guidance on how to fix these common mistakes.

The first of these mistakes is not starting with a sufficient design plan. Frank Crandall writes about landscape lighting at the news portal GoLocalProv. He says that the design should come first because it is crucial for homeowners to identify what they will need to get their desired outcome. Crandall suggests that they pre-plan details like the number of bulbs and wires, the placement of light sources within the landscaping, and the kind of lighting techniques that will be used.

Aside from a lack of planning, another big mistake is selecting inadequate light sources. Some homeowners will simply pick the least expensive option available without considering how it will help them create their desired effect. Although there are cheap solar lights on the market, they don’t effectively brighten up a walkway. Crandall points out that LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights are quickly gaining in popularity and are probably the perfect choice for your landscaping. Although LEDs may be more expensive, they are also smaller, consume less energy, and last longer than conventional bulbs.

A third mistake is not making the most out of your lighting controls. Planning what light sources to use, deciding where to position them, and determining how you will control them are all essential elements of an outdoor lighting project. Rich Young from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives suggests that homeowners use a timer-control system to turn the lights on during certain periods of time during the day. By setting the outdoor path lighting to turn on from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m., homeowners can see any objects in their path when they leave for work or arrive home afterwards. This will also allow them to control their household’s energy consumption.

By keeping these three common mistakes in mind, as well as the ways to fix them, homeowners can ensure that they have the right lighting for their property. Crandall and Young both also recommend that homeowners seek an experienced landscape designer to help with the planning, choosing, and installation of an outdoor lighting system. It is the easiest way to make sure you are getting the most effective outdoor lighting for your home.

Lighting Adds More Life to Outdoor Living

Drive along any residential street at night, and you’ll see the light. The prettiest homes, gardens and outdoor living areas are the ones that showcase the power of professional lighting systems. With the right lighting design, a tree in the yard can become a piece of living art, illuminated against a brick, stone or stucco façade. Your front porch, steps, and walkways become instantly safer, even when you aren’t home. Above all, better lighting will transform your outdoor living areas into places where you’ll want to gather, long after the days of summer are gone.

After you’ve been inspired by a DIY show on TV, you may be tempted to pick up the car keys and run out to the home improvement store where you’ve seen aisles of outdoor lighting on your way to buy new furnace filters. Take our advice and step away from the shelf. You’ve spent far too much loving energy in planning, building accessorizing, planting and landscaping your yard only to fall pretty to one of the latest quick fixes. For the most creative wattage, lasting performance and curb appeal, you should turn to an outdoor lighting professional. The pros offer you custom design, the best performing products, and the knowledge to ensure your lighting system will withstand harsh outdoor elements.

Why go pro?

The difference in going with a professional outdoor lighting company lies in the expertise you gain from planning and working through a lighting designer, help in understanding how systems are installed and maintained, the quality of fixtures, and technology the pros know how to use. Without well-trained, professional help, all kinds of variables can undermine your investment in lighting, as well as the overall value of your home.

Let there be light

The reasons to invest in outdoor lighting have continued to shine for centuries. For starters, light brings sudden beauty, adding warmth and appeal after dark and making your home a standout in the neighborhood as guests arrive. It also adds security, preventing possible falls and injuries and discouraging would-be intruders. With the right lighting design, you also gain expanded living space, lengthening the hours you can enjoy the great outdoors around your home.

Artful lighting design

When you begin working with a lighting designer, it’s important to focus on comprehensive coverage of the areas most important to you. For most people, critical areas are the outdoor living spaces as well as the home’s exterior and landscaping. In both places, you’ll want to maximize lighting effect and minimize the visibility of fixtures. A good outdoor lighting designer will work to hide the source of light to make an area shine without the distraction of seeing where the light is coming from.

If you have questions on any aspect of outdoor lighting, please contact your local Outdoor Lighting Perspectives office.

Three Reasons LED Outdoor Lighting Benefits Homeowners Despite Costs

Many homeowners have been asking us if LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting for their yards or gardens is a good choice. Two years ago, most landscape experts would have told them to consider other options, but that is no longer the case. Lawn & Landscape magazine recently pointed out that LEDs are now gaining acceptance and popularity among many designers. One landscape designer based in South Carolina told the same magazine that LEDs have evolved so quickly and considerably that they are now part of his daily designs.

So, why should homeowners consider LED outdoor lighting now?

There are three reasons these lights will benefit homeowners despite the higher price.

The first reason is that LEDs provide brighter lighting than traditional incandescent bulbs, even when you are illuminating large outdoor spaces. LED bulbs are 75% more energy efficient than incandescent lights and they last up to 15 times longer.

The second reason is that contractors love LED lighting since it uses less wattage per lamp. Scott Ruhoff, a contractor based in Boise, Idaho, commented that LEDs simplify installation because they decrease labor expenses and reduce the need for additional transformers. He also notes that LEDs make it easier to expand existing LED systems, since new lamps can be added without overloading the transformer.

The third reason will appeal to every homeowner. LEDs can significantly increase the value and curb appeal of their homes. Using LED landscape lighting in the form of free-standing lamp posts, security lights, and wall-mounted lamps can provide inviting illumination and sophisticated style. Rich Young of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives says that LED options give off a softer and more subdued effect, while also emphasizing the texture and design of a grand doorway or other architectural features.

He acknowledges that outdoor lighting, especially ones that use LEDs, can be a costly investment. He recommends focusing on installing these fixtures in the inside of the home first if you are working with a fixed budget. If you need the lighting more on the outside of your home, he recommends consulting a landscaping or lighting professional to ensure that you are investing in the right product at the right price. Once you get the right help, you will have the security and serenity that comes with great outdoor lighting.

How Outdoor and Landscape Lighting Can Deter Burglaries

Create the impression that someone is at home. That was the advice Police Lt. Brian Piekarski of Sagamore Hills, Ohio gave to anyone who wants to prevent burglars from targeting their houses. Lieutenant Piekarski advised residents to “Keep your home lit up. Outside lights are great. Indoor lights are good.” He spoke out on Fox 8 Cleveland after a string of burglaries in his neighborhood. “The darker your home, the more attractive it is to somebody who wants to burglarize it because it’s going to be less noticeable if they kick in the front door.”

Lieutenant Piekarski was definitely right that outside lights are great, especially when it comes to home safety. Strategically placed outdoor or landscape lighting will enhance the safety and security of your home, while also enhancing the beauty of its exterior. It was explained in a Leader Post article that outdoor lighting guides homeowners and visitors safely along pathways, while also eliminating dark places in a yard or garden where criminals can hide. Burglars or other unwanted intruders start on the outside before making their way inside the home to commit their mischievous deeds. Landscape lighting makes sure there is no place for them to lurk outside without being noticed.

Using outdoor lighting systems as a security measure is not a new idea. Four decades ago, a highly esteemed criminologist named C. Ray Jeffery promoted an idea he called Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED). Jeffery discovered that certain design elements could lower the crime rates in an entire neighborhood as long as homeowners install them in the right locations. Unfortunately, CPTED was largely ignored during his time, but many reputable security professionals have applied his theories since then.

The Leader Post article also mentions that homeowners must carefully consider the true purpose of their outdoor lighting, including exactly how and where they are going to use it, in order for it to be an effective security measure. By determining which areas need illumination, they also can determine where they will need to strategically place the lights. They will also need to figure out which type of fixture and light source will be best suited for their property.

If outdoor landscape lighting follows the principles of CPTED, it should include some sensor lights to catch intruders off guard the moment they step on your property. A well-designed system will allow homeowners to easily enter their property while enabling them to also watch over the grounds and prevent any criminal activity. Homeowners interested in CPTED can talk to outdoor lighting experts like the ones at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives for ideas on how to effectively apply CPTED principles.

White Holiday Lights Are Always in Style

When it comes to the holidays, we encourage our clients to have fun with their outdoor décor. Whatever you like, go for it. We are often asked however, what is in style or on trend.

Much like any other type of design: interior, clothing, etc., there are trends that come in out in the world of holiday lighting. A few years ago it was the icicle lights. Numerous homeowners on just one street would have icicle lights hanging from their roofs and porches.

While there are trends there is one holiday lighting staple that has never and will never go out of style: white lights. White lights, whether they are c9 string lights or snowflake lighting, they always look classically beautiful.

Take this example of holiday lighting in Long Island. The homeowner wanted something clean and simple that would welcome friends and family for the holidays without overpowering the house. The Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Long Island team used white lights throughout the space.

The homeowners wanted some decoration that could be admired both day and night, so garland was hung around the columns of the front porch and on the small balcony above. Additionally, wreaths were hung on three of the front windows. In the daytime, passersby can see the green garland and wreaths. Both the wreaths and garland have white lights in their branches to make them pop at night. It’s such a simple idea that makes the home look beautiful day and night

For added interest, one of their front trees was wrapped and a few light bursts were installed in their front bushes.

Another example of classic white holiday lighting is on this brick home in Richmond, VA. The homeowners wanted their roofline lined with some type of holiday lighting, but not c9 string lights. They wanted something with a little more pizazz. To achieve their intended look, the Outdoor Lighting Perspectives team installed snowflake lighting using white lights. Wreaths and bushes were also wrapped with white lights as well.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we love all types of outdoor holiday décor, lights, displays, wreaths, trees, ornaments, etc. When thinking about your lighting scheme and what you want to invest in, invest in the items that will last for years to come. We have many clients that have basic pieces of their holiday lighting that is used year after year, while they make small changes each year with fun pieces like a lit Santa or reindeer. In the end, as long as you love it, it will be great.

If you have questions on holiday lighting, please reach out to your local Outdoor Lighting Perspectives office.

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