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Survey Names Outdoor Lighting as Hot 2014 Trend

Each year the American Society of Landscape Architects conducts a Residential Landscape Architecture Trends Survey to see what will be popular in the coming year in the outdoor category. Outdoor lighting topped the Outdoor Living Features category with 98.3 percent of responders naming lighting as somewhat or very in-demand for 2014.

The ASLA explains that homeowners look to the outside of their home to enhance their outdoor living experience and increase their property’s value. As ASLA Executive Vice President and CEO Nancy Somerville explains: “They’re interested in livable, open spaces that are both stylish and earth friendly.” Source.

Outdoor living in general has evolved drastically in the last 5-10 years with people investing in their own outdoor spaces. And with many homeowners relaxing outdoors after work, it is no surprise that outdoor lighting continues as a hot trend in the category. Just take a look at our outdoor living spaces photos to see the difference it can make!

Whether it is landscaping, an outdoor kitchen, a pool, patio or other outdoor element, lighting enhances it so it can be appreciated/utilized at all times of the day. To respond to Nancy’s quote above, it makes outdoor spaces more “livable.”

Another trend notice within the survey was homeowners’ inclination to consider eco-friendly and low maintenance products. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we install the latest LED lighting technology to cut down on both energy and maintenance costs. LED uses less energy than incandescent and halogen without compromising the lighting quality. Maintenance costs with LED are also lower because they just don’t need as much maintenance. Bulbs are long lasting without losing light output or consistency of color.

At OLP, we take a full service approach to outdoor lighting. We design a system that fits your needs, tastes and budget. Each design is different. We then install and service the system so you don’t ever have to lift a finger

Sometimes it just helps to see what light can do to enhance a property. Check out our curb appeal, landscapes, outdoor living space, and seasonal photo galleries to see for yourself. If you have any questions, please reach out to your local Outdoor Lighting Perspectives office.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Enhances

Everyone at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is thrilled to announce a new update to! Our goal in the new layout was to make the site more visually appealing and user-friendly.

If you want a little update on how things are organized, here you go!

The Inspiration section is all about beautiful imagery to get you thinking about ways you can use outdoor and landscape lighting on your property. The Curb Appeal section focuses on the front of the home. From stone and stucco facades to architectural features like columns and peaks, these pictures will show you how light can enhance your home’s first impression. Landscapes, you guessed it, features different landscape lighting applications. Outdoor Living Spaces focuses on the areas, often in the backyard, where you spend extended time outdoors, like decks and around pools. Outdoor lighting will increase the time spent outside. And last in the inspiration section is seasonal ideas which covers both holiday and special events.

The second section of the site is titled Solutions and provides details on outdoor lighting services: home illumination, holiday décor, proactive maintenance and commercial lighting. Home Illumination introduces you to our full service approach to residential outdoor lighting. Holiday Décor explains the benefits of professional holiday lighting. Instead of climbing up on that ladder yourself, you can have an Outdoor Lighting Perspectives team member, design, install, take down and store your holiday lights. Proactive maintenance is one service that sets us apart from our competitors. We view our relationship with our clients as just that: a relationship. Our maintenance programs ensure that your lights look great for years to come. And lastly: Commercial lighting. High quality and energy efficient lighting keeps your commercial properties looking great while saving you money.

The Design Section details our approach and philosophy to outdoor lighting, it’s all about the design. Sticking lights in the ground isn’t enough to create a beautiful lighting system that highlights the best parts of your property. This section covers the importance of design, our free nighttime demonstration, our superior fixtures and LED technology.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is America’s leading outdoor lighting provider and the Difference section explains why. Our experience and longevity, quality and warranty all set us apart from the typical outdoor lighting company.

The last section of is titled Connect, where you can engage and start a conversation with us. Here you will find a contact section, information about our sister companies in the outdoor living industry, have the ability to download our free outdoor living e-mag Loving Outdoor Living and learn more about OLP as a franchise opportunity.

Please take some time and explore the new We hope you enjoy.

Tree Lighting with Three Techniques

We all have certain things about our property that we like best. I love the brick finish of my home, while my mom loves the different outdoor living spaces in her backyard. And for many people, it’s their landscaping, namely their trees.

Tree lighting is a key component of outdoor lighting design. Lighting some statement trees can add depth and interest to the overall design. There are three main tree lighting techniques that we apply frequently: spotlighting, moonlighting and shadowing.

Spotlighting is the most obvious tree lighting technique. It’s best used for statement trees on the property, like this one. The tree itself is gorgeous, but it would fade into darkness when the sun went down. To appreciate it all day and night and to invite the eye further into the yard, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives used spotlighting to highlight the tree.

With spotlighting, fixtures are installed at the base of the tree and are pointed up towards it. By having the lights at ground level, the light is able to illuminate the trunk and many of the tree branches.

Moonlighting is a much more subtle tree lighting technique. As the name suggests, the goal with moonlighting is to mirror the effect of light from the moon. The fixtures are installed high in the branches of the trees positioned downward. The light isn’t as strong down the trunk of the tree and casts lovely shadows on the ground. Moonlighting is a great technique to use in cozy outdoor living areas and gardens.

Shadowing is the last tree lighting technique. It is about the tree, but also about the shadow that the tree creates. Shadowing is often utilized when the tree is in front of a wall or home and it adds depth and texture. The outdoor lighting fixtures are placed in front of the tree and are cast at an angle to place the shadow in the desired spot.

When working with your outdoor lighting company, make sure to point out any tree that you love that you would like to light. They’ll work with you to highlight the tree in just the right way.

If you have any questions, please contact your local Outdoor Lighting Perspectives.

Pool Deck Lighting – An Absolute Must Have

I was recently on vacation with my family celebrating my parents’ anniversary. We had rented a house down south for all of us, complete with a beautiful outdoor living space. It had a great screened porch, deck and pool that my young nephews loved, but we quickly realized there was a downside.

Every night, we would all go outside and have a drink and appetizers out by the pool. One night, it turned into a lot of talking and we didn’t even realize that it had gotten dark. Apparently, neither did my 4-year old nephew, Colin. He couldn’t see where he was stepping and almost fell in the pool (luckily my brother caught him just in time).

Pools are a great addition to any outdoor living space, but they can also be dangerous. It is very important that you can see not only the edge of the pool at all times, but also anything that may be on the pool deck. If someone trips and falls, they could fall into water, or down on the hard pool surrounding.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we offer lighting around the pool so that the space can be enjoyed all day and night long, but still be safe! The edges of the pool deck can be lit with path, deck or spotlighting. Many times we use a mixture of lighting techniques as we find it is the best way to ensure there are no dark spots. Take this photo for example, the pool itself had some lighting, but the surrounding patio was curved with flower beds that could have been easy to trip on. Path lights of varying heights were used throughout the space to make sure visitors could see where they were stepping.

Lighting unique pool features is also a great way to provide safe footing. This pool has beautiful stone columns with water features and a pergola on top. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives used down lights to highlight the stone and to light the water and pool deck. Additional landscape lighting was installed around the space to give an even wash of light to the entire space.

Pool deck lighting is an absolute must if you want to use the space both day and night. Without it, the space could be unsafe. If you would like to discuss your pool lighting options, please contact your local Outdoor Lighting Perspectives.

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