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See what Landscape Lighting can do to your Gardens

Gardens and the landscape on a property are an extension of your home. Whether it is a simple flower garden or extensive property of pathways and statues, many people spend a lot of time and money in their gardens. What a shame when it can’t be appreciated at night.

Landscape lighting is a must for any outdoor living enthusiast. The best lighting design will bring out the best aspects of your garden. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, our trained designers look to highlight…

Traveled pathways. If you are ever going to walk your grounds at night, you need to be able to be see where you are going! Path lights can be installed on the sides of paths (paved or not) to illuminated the space, but also invite people out to explore and enjoy a space. Shining light down from trees, known as moonlighting, is another way light pathways.

Colors. Color brings life into a home’s landscaping and gardens, but it also can help set a mood or ambiance at night. Seeing pops of red and pink can warm up an outdoor area. Landscape lighting makes that happen. Strategic placed light fixtures will bring the color to the forefront. That’s the point of the fixture, to be the supporting role, not the star. In this case, it’s the garden’s colors.

Statement Trees. Some trees should be appreciated at all times of day. They are visually interesting as well as invite the eye out into other parts of the property.

Statues. If you have a statue, don’t you want to be able to see it? Spotlighting is the most frequently used lighting technique used on statues. By beaming the light straight at the statue, you will be able to appreciate all of the details of the statues.

Water Features. Illuminating water features with landscape lighting is an absolute must. Not only does it enhance the beauty of it, but it also ensures that people can see it for safety purposes, no tripping!

OLP’s trained outdoor lighting designers are sure to enhance the landscape of your property with our custom design plans. Please contact your nearest location to discuss your outdoor and landscape lighting needs.

Getting the Most out of your Outdoor Living

For many parts of the country it has been a loooooong winter with lots of rain, snow and cold temperatures. Personally, I can’t wait until the weather changes for the better and stays there. And when it happens, you can find me outdoors!

When the weather is warm, I enjoy spending as much time outdoors as possible. From walking and reading, to eating and entertaining, I do it all outdoors when the weather permits. Do you know why I can do this? Outdoor Lighting.

While architectural and landscape lighting makes the front of the home look beautiful, when used in the backyard, it enhances your outdoor experience in three main ways…

Increasing time. Without outdoor lighting darkness forces you out of your outdoor spaces and back inside. By simply installing lights on or around your porch, patio, deck or other spaces, you can increase the amount of time you can spend on it.

Providing safety and security. One of my best friends used to have a deck in the backyard that you had to walk through part of the yard to get to. I remember being on the deck and having to walk back to the house only to find that I couldn’t see where I was stepping and could have easily stepped on something or fallen. That wouldn’t have been a concern if there was adequate outdoor lighting. Strategically placed fixtures will illuminate all well traveled paths so as to keep you, your friends and your family safe from any trips and falls.

Setting the mood. Whether inside or out, lighting has the ability to set any type of mood you wish: romantic, fun, eclectic, etc. While the majority of our Outdoor Lighting Perspectives’ projects utilize traditional outdoor lighting techniques, we work with our clients to create the mood that they wish. This has included a beautiful outdoor chandelier for a dining area, LED rope lighting around an outdoor kitchen for an edgy look, or light orbs set high in the trees.

To hear more about how Outdoor Lighting Perspectives can enhance your outdoor living experiences, please contact your local office.

Outdoor Lighting Tips to Create a Beautiful Lightscape

At OLP, we pride ourselves on designing beautiful outdoor lighting systems that highlight all the best parts of the property. When creating a design, there are certain areas and effects that we are careful to include or careful to avoid.

We make sure to design with…

An even wash of light. I remember when I first started with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives and was taken on a tour of examples of good and bad outdoor lighting. There was one home on that tour that had two lights in the front of the home that highlighted a quarter of the front façade. It made no sense. When lighting the front of a home, it is important to have an even wash of light across the entire façade, otherwise it looks disjointed.

Avoid outdoor lighting designs with…

Light in the eyes. I have to admit, my mom made this mistake around the holidays at our house growing up. She felt the house needed more light and would shine a spotlight on the house. The light was placed in the front yard, right off the walkway. The house, I must say, looked beautiful, but when guests were leaving, they would be completely blinded by the light, causing a safety concern. This can also happen when lights are place right underneath windows. The light coming in can blind people who look out the windows.

Too many lights. This is a very common mistake. We’ve all seen the walkways and driveways that almost resemble an airport runway with the amount of lights on the side. If you have great outdoor lighting fixtures, this isn’t an issue. Take a walkway for example, just a few path lights should provide enough lighting to illuminate the entire space.

At OLP, outdoor lighting is all that we do; it’s our passion. We understand that no two outdoor lighting systems are the same. Each property require different design and installation techniques, fixtures, etc. If you would like to discuss outdoor lighting for your home and property, please reach out to your local Outdoor Lighting Perspectives office. Our trained designers will work with you to create the perfect lightscape for you.

Happy National Landscape Architecture Month!

It’s April, which means it is National Landscape Architecture Month! Founded by the American Society of Landscape Architecture, the month focuses on promoting landscape architecture as a profession to students.

As their website explains: “With the theme of Career Discovery with a focus on underrepresented minorities, National Landscape Architecture Month (NLAM) 2014 will spur a countrywide movement, teach children, young adults, and even teachers just how artfully landscape architects design their world. From community parks to residential design, there’s a field out there for any ambitious student.” Source.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we work with landscape architects on many projects as our goals align in many ways. We are both dedicated to enhancing the beauty and usability of outdoor spaces. While landscape architects design parks, shopping centers, school campuses, residential properties and more, lighting is often one of the components they evaluate for their clients. We work with the architects to pick the right lighting application and fixture for each of their projects.

Let’s take the example of a college campus for example. The school will look to a landscape architect to layout and design the flow and look of the campus from a landscape perspective. This includes not only plants, but pathways, parking lots, common outdoor areas, etc. After it’s designed, they’ll look at outdoor lighting fixtures that go with the overall look of the space, provide the desired effect, and are long lasting and reliable. Often times, they work with a trusted outdoor lighting company to help them with this part of the project.

The work of a landscape architect is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, but like all good outdoor work, it can disappear into the night without outdoor lighting. At OLP, our goal is to make the landscape work look its best at all times of the day. We do that by utilizing a number of lighting techniques, including uplighting, spotlighting, shadowing and silhouetting. When working with a landscape architect, they’ll provide the guidance on how the envision the final product and we will work to accomplish just that.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we truly admire the work of landscape architects. Happy National Landscape Architecture Month!

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