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Add Party String Lighting to your Backyard Space

Your backyard is your space to sit back and enjoy time with friends and family. In previous posts, we’ve discussed how adding outdoor lighting allows you to spend more time outside, but there is more than one way to achieve the same end result. If traditional landscape lighting isn’t for you, outdoor string lights may be the perfect solution.

String lights are most commonly linked to holiday lighting, adding festive cheer to the inside and outside of homes around Christmastime. They are classically beautiful, but did you know some string lights are made to be a permanent fixture in your outdoor living space?

This backyard that we feature in our video series Transformation Augusta has a beautiful outdoor kitchen and living area that guests tend to gather at night. Instead of path lights and floodlights, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives installed outdoor string lighting throughout the space.

As you can see in video and in the picture, the string lights provide enough illumination to enjoy the outdoor living spaces below. Unlike traditional outdoor and landscape lighting features, however, they become a festive focal point of the space.

These string lights are not the same as the lights you buy at your local home improvement or grocery store during the holidays. They are commercial grade with larger bulbs and heavier wire. Each string is made to withstand the elements and can used for both commercial and residential applications.

Outdoor string lights, or festoon lighting as they are often called, don’t have to be installed above and outdoor living space. Here you can see that the lights were wrapped around the railing of a staircase. The bulbs still provide enough light to provide sure footing, but look fun and romantic.

Adding festive string lighting to your outdoor living spaces will create the perfect ambiance for your friends and family to enjoy. If you have questions on this product, or other outdoor lighting applications, please contact your local Outdoor Lighting Perspectives office.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Learns What’s New in Lighting at LightFair

As America’s most trusted outdoor lighting company, we at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives have to stay abreast of what’s new in the lighting industry. From having conversations with manufacturers and distributors to attending trade shows, we are always making sure we’re providing the very best to our clients. Just last week two members of our team went to Lightfair, the largest industry trade show to explore what’s new in outdoor lighting.

Held in Las Vegas, the 2014 Lightfair was the largest and best attended the show has ever been.

For landscape lighting, this year was all about the LED lamp market exploding. From many new manufacturers to different color options, color changing technology, and numerous new types and styles of LED lamp, the LED bulb is becoming more and more flexible in its lighting approach. Options are now plentiful in terms of controlling brightness and beam spread, giving the landscape lighting professional ultimate control and flexibility in their design plan. Quality and performance are becoming more impressive and consistent on an almost daily basis, as the technology that powers the LED light output is evolving and becoming more sophisticated, more durable, and more reliable.

The improving LED bulb is great news for our Outdoor Lighting Perspectives’ clients. As the technology and options continue to improve, we as designers will be able to do more with LED instead of having to rely on traditional halogen at times.

On the fixture side of things, there is a trend towards more sophisticated, modern, sleek fixture design options, as well as an increased offering in product material. No longer is just brass, copper, and aluminum the norm. Stainless steel, bronze, nickel plating, and high-tech ceramic are now being offered as finish alternatives. Also, unconventional form hospitality lighting is getting a huge influx of new options all because of the LED technology boom. You cannot overstate how much LED has changed the lighting world in terms of energy consumption, design and product flexibility, and installation practices. LED is truly life altering technology.

When it comes to fixtures, OLP only installs lights with a performance we can trust. We were happy to see the design options become more vast as each client has a different home and different tastes.

Stay tuned…

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Launches Online Video Series

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we pride ourselves on being the experts in outdoor and landscape lighting. With over 20 years and 100,000 projects under our belts, we are America’s most trusted resource for outdoor lights. To illustrate our process and passion for the business, we are THRILLED to announce the release of Transformation Augusta, our new video series.

The entire series can be watched and enjoyed at

Transformation Augusta was filmed this past spring in historic Augusta, Georgia with OLP client Pam Doumar, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Augusta franchisee Pat Otis and host and OLP marketing manager, Jody Wetherill. Pat Otis has been designing and installing custom outdoor lighting systems for the past 14 years and is very familiar with lighting homes and properties in the area.

The four-part video series walks viewers through the process from the initial consultation and nighttime demonstration to the installation and reveal.

The Doumars have a historic home just outside of Augusta that is nearly 100 years old. When deciding on where to film Transformation Augusta, we were drawn to the beauty of both the home and the property. It allowed Pat to employ a number of different lighting techniques to highlight the space in the most beautiful ways. The final results was both aesthetically appealing and functional as you can see in the fourth episode of the series.

We are excited to finally roll out the video series and hope people enjoy it. As Rich Young, Vice President of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, explains: “It was important to us that the series have an authentic feel and really connect with people who are considering an outdoor lighting installation. By using real team members, franchisees and clients, we were able to achieve that.”

Please visit to view Transformation Augusta in its entirety.

Why you should consider LED landscape lighting

We at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives remember when LED landscape lighting first came into the outdoor lighting arena. Used for years in holiday lighting, LED was touted as the best outdoor lighting technology out there. And while there were benefits of LED, we, and some of our clients, didn’t feel it was great for illuminating homes and landscapes.

When LED first hit the market, the color wasn’t what people were used to. It was too bright, resulting in a bluish color that skewed the color on the façade or garden. Over the last 5 years, however, LED landscape lighting has continued to improve and is our recommendation for home illumination.

The perception of LED color is often our clients’ number 1 concern for using the light, but as the technology has improved, so has the color. Just like traditional halogen landscape lighting, LEDs now have a warm, pleasing color that will accentuate the colors and textures on a property. No more blue light!

For residential outdoor lighting, LED lights are the most energy-efficient option, cutting down lighting energy costs by up to 80%! They don’t require the same wattage as halogen lighting, resulting in this savings.

LED bulbs can last for up to 50,000, however that number depends on the quality of the LED, the design of the system, the environment of the installation and other factors. The long life saves clients money on maintenance and service costs because you just don’t have to replace bulbs nearly as often.

As LED technology has improved, so have the installation opportunities. When LED landscape lighting was first rolled out, you needed specific light fixtures for LED. So, if you had an existing system, you had to purchase and install all new fixtures. Now, with more advanced bulbs, an existing halogen system can be retrofitted easily to LED with new bulbs.

If you are interested in adding outdoor LED lights to your property, or would like to discuss ways to retro fit your exiting system, please contact your local Outdoor Lighting Perspectives office. We look forward to hearing from you.

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