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Beautiful Victorian Home Lighting in Northern New Jersey

Sometimes we see one of our location’s projects and know that we have to share it with everyone. This is one of those times. Sylvie and Michel Mesnier custom designed and installed a unique lighting system on this Victorian Italianate 1880 home.

Sylvie and Michel, who provide outdoor lighting in Northern New Jersey, take each project as an opportunity to highlight the architecture of the home (and thus their lighting design skills). This home had a few challenges while creating the design that were overcome to provide the owners with this beautiful final design.

One of the main challenges of lighting this home was to illuminate each story without creating shadows and keeping the unique identity of the house. When porches create shadows on second floors, it is not uncommon for Outdoor Lighting Perspectives to mount light fixtures to the gutters to illuminate all parts of the home. That wasn’t an option with this installation. Because the home was built in 1880, there were no gutters. Instead there was a flat roof made of wood covered with tin foil and a weatherproof paint. It would be unwise to drill into that! Instead, Sylvie and Michel’s team ran wires through copper tubing and that tubing and the fixtures were connected to the roof with silicone.

Color was also a design challenge that Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern New Jersey overcame. The main floor walls have a light yellow color, but the top is pink. It was important to the Mesniers and the homeowners that the color could be appreciated to keep the integrity of the home. Getting the right amount of illumination was difficult because the pink looked much brighter than the yellow. A special bulb was created in a lower wattage that was then frosted for the perfect effect.

The ground floor and all its columns were illuminated with traditional very wide-angle well lights.

The homeowners chose to work with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern New Jersey because of their design expertise as well as their commitment to their clients. Sylvie and Michel sat down with the owners and clearly explained the plan and showed them the quality of fixtures, making them comfortable with each step of the installation.

Great job Sylvie and Michel!

Enjoying Your Outdoors with Garden Lights

Whether indoors or outside, we all have spaces we like to spend time on our property. Growing up, mine was our family library and now, it’s our back deck. I love to sit outside when the weather allows and enjoy the color and openness of the space. For many homeowners, the outdoor spaces of the home are places they love to enjoy, and with the addition of garden lights, they can enjoy them anytime they want.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we create custom landscape lighting designs for our clients’ needs and tastes. Oftentimes, we include garden lighting in our designs so they can appreciate the beauty of their property both day and night. Here are three examples of beautiful garden lighting.

This first garden lighting installation comes from a gorgeous Charlotte property. The yard has a number of brick walkways that lead to small pockets to enjoy, like this one, however it was too dark to use after night. OLP of Charlotte designed the perfect system that highlights the space, but doesn’t place attention on the fixture itself. Path lights were used along the walkways for safety and security while wash lighting was installed to bring out the details of the brick wall. I’m not sure about you, but I wouldn’t mind reading a book on that bench at night!

Our second example may be simpler, but it still makes a big impact on the garden space. The owners of this property have a great yard for family and friends to enjoy. One of the statement pieces is this pergola that acts as an entrance into the space. With greenery growing up the sides, it is gorgeous and the owners wanted to it to be appreciated. A down light fixture was placed in the pergola’s top beams to shooting light downward. It makes it inviting, but also brings out the color and details of the pergola.

This final example is intricate, gorgeous and makes quite the visual impact. It’s a waterfall that falls into a pool below. It includes stunning stonework on the falls itself and the edges of the pool. When designing the garden lighting for this project, it was important to highlight the stone and falling water without the lighting being overwhelming. Light fixtures were installed on the underside of the fall and you can’t even see them. What you can see is the texture and color of the stone and water.

Garden light is a great way to get more out of your favorite spots. To speak with one of our lighting designers, please contact your local Outdoor Lighting Perspectives office.

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Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is here for all your outdoor lighting needs. During our Free Custom Design Plan, we will show you the optimum locations around your home and throughout your yard to achieve stunning outdoor lighting effects. If you already have a lighting system but need it serviced or upgraded, we are happy to help. Please fill out the form below to contact us.