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Unique Residential Outdoor Lighting

Illuminate Your Outdoor Life

Turn your house into a home from the outside in. With the residential outdoor lighting solutions we offer at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, you can transform your backyard, deck, pool, or patio into a stunning display fit for entertainment or relaxation. Create the perfect outdoor space for you and your family to enjoy. We’re happy to be along for part of the ride.

Custom Residential Outdoor Lighting

Your outdoor space is truly one of a kind. We want to highlight its best features. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we don’t believe in cookie-cutter lighting kits and one-size-fits-all designs. We focus on designing the perfect lighting system for your specific needs. From casual accent lighting to fully adjustable outdoor displays, we will highlight your home in a whole new way.

Types of Outdoor Lighting

• Deck Lighting
• Patio Lighting
• Landscape Lighting
• Outdoor Path Lighting
• Low Voltage Lighting
• Pool and Pond Lighting
• Simulated Moonlight
• …and More!

Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives today at 800-447-1112 to speak with a residential outdoor lighting designer near you.

A Full-Service Outdoor Lighting Company

Outdoor lighting isn’t just a specialty for us – it’s all we do. While other companies that install lights get pulled in a million directions, we put all of our energy into illuminating your outdoor space. Whether you need a simple lighting adjustment or a complete installation, we are a full-service outdoor lighting company you can count on.

When you work with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, you get…

• Personal service from a team of passionate, caring lighting designers
• Free design demonstrations to show off your lighting plan before installation
• Low voltage lighting solutions that light your home without bursting your bills
• Complete installation with meticulous attention to details
• Nighttime adjustments to make sure every light is in the perfect place
• Superior craftsmanship from the best lighting installers in the business
• Proactive maintenance to keep your lighting looking its best

Experience the passion in person. Give us a call today at 800-447-1112 to schedule a meeting with our residential outdoor lighting designers. The consultation is free, and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Residential Lighting Design Ideas

Outdoor lighting isn’t just our job – it’s our passion. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we are always coming up with new, innovative ways to show off the beauty of the outdoors. Explore our residential lighting design ideas to get inspiration for your next adventure.

Bring the Inside Out

Many of our contemporary lighting fixtures are designed to look like stylish indoor lighting. Pendant lights, drop lights, and even modern floor lamps can be used to create stunning outdoor entertainment spaces that look chic and unique. If you have a specific design aesthetic you want to accomplish, you may look for inspiration from within your home.

Consider Safety and Security

You don’t have to sacrifice safety for style. You can get the best of both worlds. Our powerful LED path lights will help guests navigate to your home or through your backyard even after the sun goes down. Your landscape and architectural lighting can double as security lighting for your property, ensuring that you stay safe from wandering intruders. Protect your family and celebrate your home at the same time.

Set the Tone for Your Home

What “tone” do you want your outdoor spaces to have? Fun and exciting? Quiet and relaxing? Whether you want to host a fabulous pool party or enjoy a peaceful outdoor oasis, we can create it for you with a custom lighting system. We also offer fully adjustable lighting solutions that allow you to change the tone of your space to fit your needs at the time. Learn how we can help you build the perfect environment.

Remember: Less Is More

With residential lighting, it’s not always about getting the brightest lights or the biggest lighting fixtures. The goal here is to subtly accentuate the best features in your outdoor spaces. In many cases, simple lighting is much more effective than extravagant light displays. Our lighting designers will work with you to get maximum results from minimal lighting, saving you money and maintenance along the way.

Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives at 800-447-1112 to discuss even more residential lighting design ideas.

Path Lighting: Turn on the Sun — Just a Bit

The night sky is beautiful, but it’s only bright enough to light your way a couple nights a month, if that. Outdoor path lighting makes all the difference when you set foot outside after the sun goes down, keeping you safe on your way up the driveway or down to the pool. Our low-voltage outdoor lights won’t spoil your night time view, and won’t leave you paying to light the entire neighborhood.

The halogen and LED lights we usually recommend offer brighter, better-controlled illumination than solar path lights, and are more energy efficient and longer-lived than incandescent options. That means that, once we’ve helped you design the perfect outdoor path lighting, you’ll be free to stroll, without worrying about burnt-out light bulbs or cleaning up after the costly, damaging excavation needed to lay lines for incandescent lights.

There is no such thing as cookie cutter lighting

Our professional outdoor path lighting designers specialize in just one thing: getting you the safety and accent lighting you need for outdoor paths. This starts with a free consultation to identify your goals and any challenges. We’ll pay particular attention to areas where a few carefully placed lights can illuminate the safest route over uneven footing or through thick greenery.

Got kids? We’ll work with you to light the areas where toys and other objects are most likely to end up in someone’s way. We prevent collisions between unsuspecting ankles and your child’s treasured (but discarded) belongings every day.

Our outdoor path lighting can illuminate the way even if you don’t have a paver or concrete walkway laid down. Use it to brighten the perimeter of your garden beds, or designate a walkway that can be relocated with a minimum of expense and effort. The right path lighting means your pool, patio, hot tub, driveway, and garden sitting area will be open 24 hours a day, all year long.

Outdoor patio lighting ideas

There is something special about a patio. From a small space with a single picnic table to something more elaborate, patios provide the perfect place for outdoor entertaining. Combining a variety of lighting fixtures with the latest outdoor patio lighting ideas is one way to change your patio from simple to stunning. Lighting that space is an easy way to make it look and feel more like true living space. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives provides plenty of choices in both lighting types and styles, making it easy to light the patio of your dreams.

Start Simple

Start simple with basic porch lighting. Perfect for placing next to doors, these fixtures provide pools of light and simple style. Perfect for those interested in safety, step lighting adds another design element to the space while providing just a touch of light right where it is needed most. This most simple of outdoor patio lighting ideas also enhances other lighting elements.

Complete the look

To create a complete outdoor lighting design, look beyond the patio or deck to the landscaping around it. A pond or water feature, when highlighted with a pond light, is an excellent focal point for lighting design. Highlighting architectural elements of your home or favorite areas of the garden with soft-spot lights is just one of many outdoor patio lighting ideas that help integrate existing features into a lighting plan.

A Total Space

To finish off your outdoor living space add in path lights. These lights help keep your landscaping safe by highlighting sidewalks or commonly used walkways while adding another lighting element to your overall design. Path lights do more than just illuminate a pathway, when placed on the edges of gardens or amongst shrubbery; they are an easy way to add just a touch of artistic light throughout your landscaped space.

Brighten up your outdoor living space with a complete selection of outdoor lighting fixtures for your patio and garden. From a simple patio for a family dinner to a complete landscaped look featuring a deck, the right *outdoor patio lighting ideas will help you build a better patio.

Outdoor LED Lighting

Creating the ideal landscape for your home means more than selecting the best shrubs and trees. Landscape lighting is an equally important element. Outdoor LED lighting provides just the right brightness for illuminating your landscape, while providing you with an energy efficient light source. Even better, high-quality outdoor LED lighting fixtures are designed to last far longer than traditional lighting systems. From simple porch lights to a complete overhaul of your existing system, outdoor LED lighting is the ideal answer.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives provides many solutions for retrofitting an existing low voltage quartz halogen lighting system to LED. Retrofits vary based on the types of fixtures installed. Our professional team of designers will evaluate your current system and provide options tailored to your needs and personal sense of style.

Energy Efficient

Outdoor LED lighting provides a significant savings on electrical operating costs (up to 80% in most cases). For example, a four watt LED can produce a directional light equivalent to a 20W halogen. Additionally, due to the lower wattage, the lighting system will have less voltage drop. This, in turn, provides a more even and consistent look for all of the lighting fixtures.

Long Life Expectancy

LED bulbs are engineered to last much longer than quartz halogen bulbs. LEDs have an average useful bulb life of up to 50,000 hours, while the quartz halogen bulb has a useful bulb life between 2,000-3,000 hours. The light provided by outdoor LED lighting is crisp, clear and bright. Because of their long life expectancy, you can expect to enjoy this light, without replacement costs, for much longer than traditional lighting sources.

You want your landscaping to be gorgeous and beautifully lit. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives has a variety of choices that offer energy efficiency and a long life expectancy. Whether you need to add a single porch light or want to design a complete lightscape for your yard, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives has a complete selection of high-quality, low-voltage & LED outdoor lighting fixtures. Create the garden of your dreams and light up your landscaping with lights designed to last.

Outdoor Lighting Techniques

Less energy usage, less glare, less razzle–and more dazzle

Our lighting designers approach each home as a blank canvas, drinking in the architectural details, landscape highlights and open spaces before crafting a lighting design that draws attention to the best aspects of all. The results reflect your desires–from creating a welcoming space for play, to announcing the majestic façade of your distinctive home.

As experienced lighting designers, we believe that less is more. In our installations, you won’t find many high-wattage lampposts (which can cause eye-irritating glare and produce inferior aesthetic results). Instead, we favor subtle lighting with less obtrusive fixtures. Multiple low-voltage lights can illuminate an area better than a pole light can–and with so much more panache. You’ll not only have far more attractive, better functioning light, you’ll enjoy lower energy bills.

It’s not about the fixtures–it’s about the effect

Installers who do outdoor lighting as a sideline usually don’t understand the full importance of the light source. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, outdoor lighting is all we do. And we know the light itself is the most crucial element in any outdoor lighting design.
What you see is the light reflected off an object. Let’s say we’re looking at lovely stone façade. There may be dozens of tones of rich brown and gold in that stone. But if all those tones don’t exist in the light source, we won’t see them. The stone could end up looking flat and grey in the wrong light. And there are many “wrong lights.” All light sources are not created equal.

Every different type of bulb (referred to as a “lamp” in the industry) has different characteristics. Different light sources offer different color temperatures, a different Color Rendering Index (CRI), different lumens per watt, different bulb life, different degradation of light over time–the list of differences go on.

There are numerous light sources to choose from. Most often we use halogen lights for their ability to accurately portray color, to work well under a variety of outdoor conditions, and to provide long life as well as very affordable operating and replacement costs. However, there are occasions when we choose other light sources–for instance, when we want to warm the color of the façade or choose an extraordinarily long-lived bulb for an exceptionally difficult-to-access location.

It’s very important to select the right light source at installation because some fixtures are specifically manufactured to accept specific light sources. Types of bulbs are not always interchangeable.

Directional lighting
Placement is just as important as color and color temperature in any given lighting design. In placing lights, it’s important to consider which features define the property, the shape and textures of the surfaces to be lit, the shadows the light may cast, visibility and safety issues, maintenance issues, light spillage, and interaction with the surrounding landscape as seasons change and plants mature.

Up Lighting
Directing light upward from ground level dramatically highlights key architectural and landscape features. A different lighting angle than ever occurs naturally, up lighting stands out with a bold, unique look. Light-pollution concerns can be addressed by careful aiming combined with use of the proper lamps and fixture shields. When up lighting residential buildings, placement and beam width must be carefully addressed to prevent light spillage into bedroom windows.

Our lighting designers must also carefully consider landscape issues. Will growth patterns cause plants to block the lighting as they mature? Will the proximity of deciduous trees cause debris to block lights in the fall? Will snowfall patterns render lights ineffective throughout the winter? And so on.

Down Lighting
Illuminating an area or architectural element from above is often the best choice for safety, security or special effect. Lights shining down from above can illuminate a broad area, are difficult to tamper with, and are less likely to be hampered by landscape or weather concerns.

Bulb selection for down lighting involves practical as well as aesthetic and functional issues. For commercial applications, maintenance costs should be a major part of the equation. Maintenance issues should also be factored into residential installations. Homeowners opting to maintain their fixtures themselves may be better served by extremely long-lived lamps or a more accessible alternative to down lighting.

Wall Wash Lighting
Soft illumination accenting the texture of a wall surface can make a stunning aesthetic statement.

Area Lighting
Often, practical issues will require that a large area is illuminated without accentuating any specific object or feature. An area’s main purpose will play a major part in lamp and wattage selection. For instance, an area used for outdoor sports would require special attention to assure that depth perception is addressed, as some lighting can “flatten” perception. Areas used to host social gatherings might require a moodier light.

A tree, a statue, a flag, a fountain or an architectural feature is often best highlighted by a spotlight. An important consideration in spotlighting is directing the light in a way that enhances the subject without creating undesirable shadows, glare or light spillage.

A skilled lighting designer can create magic with dark space as well as light. Causing a tree, a fountain or an architectural element to cast a shapely shadow against a wall can create enormous visual interest.

Backlighting can be artfully used to show off boldly shaped details. Silhouetting is highly effective when an interesting pattern or unusual shape occupies the foreground.

Security Lighting
The elimination of hiding spots is but one concern when lighting to increase security. Attention must be paid to eliminating glare (for superior visibility). Security lighting should be strategically placed so the entire perimeter and all access points are properly lit–but that doesn’t have to mean the ugly, high-voltage lights that might come to mind when you think about “security lights.”

Pathway Lighting
Illuminating walking surfaces with light projected from knee height or above is both aesthetically pleasing and a great enhancement to safety. Special attention should be paid to areas with uneven surfaces or steps. Pathway lighting should be free from glare and allow depth perception. Pathway lights are particularly helpful when paths will be traveled by unfamiliar visitors and/or elderly individuals, when vegetation crowds paths or displays the potential to grow over paths unnoticed, and at homes where children or others are prone to leave objects strewn about. Pathway lights are important enhancements that can help prevent injuries and lawsuits.

Shining a mercury lamp from a tree can create the illusion of moonlight. This is particularly desirable adjacent to buildings or on densely treed lots where natural moonlight may be blocked.

Water and Pond Lighting
Underwater lighting can add general illumination for both beauty and safety. Underwater lighting can also highlight underwater objects or murals and is lovely at a waterfall. Low-voltage lighting adds an extra dimension of safety for underwater lighting.

Step Lighting
Illuminating a step or group of steps can greatly improve visibility and safety. Step lighting can include lights on risers, LED lights embedded along step edges, lights under steps without risers, side lights or any combination thereof.

Putting the Deck in Decadence

Simple lighting in strategic locations can dramatically transform your backyard deck. Whether you want a peaceful oasis or an energetic entertainment spot, you can set the tone for your outdoor living space with a touch of lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives. Work with the designers at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives to bring out the best in your deck.

Illuminate Your Deck’s Best Features

Why spend all that money on a gorgeous deck if you can only use it when the sun is out? At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we think you should enjoy your deck long after the moon comes out. Accentuate the best parts of your outdoor living space and create an environment you can’t wait to be in. That’s the power of some well-placed lightbulbs.

Types of Deck Lighting

  • Stunning Accent Lighting
  • Guiding Path Lighting
  • Outdoor Step Lights
  • In-Deck Lighting
  • Simulated Moonlights

Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives at 800-447-1112 to discover the perfect deck lighting ideas for you.

Long-Lasting Lighting without High Energy Bills

Your deck lighting shouldn’t double your energy bills. We usually recommend using low-voltage LED and halogen lights for decks because they last longer and run more efficiently than traditional outdoor bulbs. We offer a wide range of tones, outputs, mounts, and other lighting options to create the perfect atmosphere for your deck. We even offer fully programmable lighting that puts you in control of what your deck looks like. No matter what kind of deck you have or how tight your budget may be, we have a solution that’s right for you.

Nighttime Demonstrations Are Available!

Want to see what your deck will look like before you sign off on the project? Outdoor Lighting Perspectives provides nighttime demonstrations so you can get the full effect of our deck lighting ideas. Call us today at 800-447-1112 to schedule a free consultation with one of our designers. We will gladly show you what your deck is capable of!

A New Type of Lighting System

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives provides professional lighting services for homes and businesses. Whether your interest lies in appearance, safety, or both, we can provide what you are looking for. Whether you want to illuminate your home, lawn, garden, or pool area, our lighting technicians can design a lighting system that utilizes the best equipment we have, and meets your unique requirements.

While some lighting companies may say any old light will do, we have higher standards. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we believe in giving our customers the very best in low voltage for outdoor lighting. These lights provide maximized service and durability.


While normal light bulbs can shine for 2,000 to 3,000 hours before burning out, LED lights, like ours, can illuminate your home or business for up to 50,000 hours before they need to be replaced. This low voltage outdoor lighting longevity can cut your electrical costs significantly. Additionally, LED lights shine much brighter than standard bulbs. With Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, you can supply more light to your landscape or buildings for a longer period of time.


We don’t stop at supplying the lights and installation; the Outdoor Lighting Perspectives one-year maintenance plan is designed to keep you worry-free when it comes to upkeep on your system. This plan includes replacing any damaged wiring, plant trimming or adjustment, and a full swap-out of all bulbs.

If you’ve already installed a lighting system though another company, don’t worry; we’ll still be happy to come do an inspection and perform any service that needs to be done. Additionally, we can retrofit or replace your existing system with our low voltage outdoor lighting.


With our lighting systems, you don’t have to sacrifice quality for ease of use; we offer both simultaneously. There is nothing better than saving time and energy, while at the same time getting more for your investment. For high-quality, low-voltage & LED outdoor lighting fixtures, look no further than Outdoor Lighting Perspectives.

Contemporary Outdoor Lighting for your Home and Property

Contemporary design integrates clean lines, polished surfaces and artfully blended details. Simple, without being boring and understated without being stark, contemporary landscape design is the ideal finish to modern homes. Adding in contemporary outdoor lighting highlights design features while providing additional security for the yard. Light one area for entertaining, or design a lightscape for the entire yard with simple and modern light fixtures.


The underlying principle of contemporary design is simplicity. Outdoor lights should be used to enhance existing features. Shine a spotlight on a water feature, decorative garden or statuary. Use a soft flood light to brighten a spa or pool area. Add understated light fixtures to porch or deck areas for everyday use. Paired with simple, sleek-lined outdoor furniture, modern light fixtures are an easy way to add style outdoors.

Outdoor Lighting

We often hear ‘bring the outside in’ when designing indoor living spaces – the reverse is also true for the outside. Many of today’s contemporary outdoor lighting fixtures are inspired by those found indoors. Add pendant or drop lights to highlight an outdoor eating area. A modern floor lamp is perfect for lighting an outdoor entertainment space. Outdoor living has surpassed simply eating outside. With the right contemporary fixtures and lights, creating a modern outdoor living space becomes possible.

Safe Lighting

Don’t forget to add in contemporary fixtures for added security. Path lights are an easy way to add not only a design element to your landscaping, but to increase the safety of your yard. Flood and spot lights easily illuminate shadowed areas. Path and flood lighting help keep visitors safe while highlighting design elements and landscape features.

Whether your design aesthetic is entirely contemporary or you simply want to add in some understated contemporary outdoor lighting, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives has a variety of lighting fixtures to choose from. Choose environmentally friendly lights or those with extended light-life for greater versatility. Soft light or bright, white or colored, modern lighting fixtures enhance any landscape or yard. From simple flood lights to complete lighting landscape designs, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives has the illumination you want.

Mother Nature Just Got a Little Brighter

Your landscaping doesn’t have to disappear when the sun goes down. With all of the time and money you have spent on your home and lawn, you deserve to see it even when it’s dark outside. Get a tasteful landscape lighting design to keep your yard glowing long after dark.

Eco-Friendly Low Voltage Lighting

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, our passion for landscaping goes beyond our custom lighting displays. We utilize low-voltage LED lights in many of our design plans to save energy and lower your bills along the way. These lights are made to last longer and shine brighter than traditional bulbs, so you can get better lighting with less maintenance. Save the green in your wallet and put a little more green in your yard with eco-friendly landscape lighting.

Retrofit Lighting Upgrades

Already have landscape lighting? Great! We can retrofit our low-voltage landscape lighting into most traditional lighting systems. If you have new features in your yard that you want to show off, we can make the adjustments necessary to accentuate your best landscaping. Our nighttime adjustment services will ensure that your yard looks exactly how you want it to.

Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives at 800-447-1112 for a free landscape lighting consultation.

Enhanced Security through Elegant Design

Who says unsightly floodlights are the only way to keep your property secure at night? At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, our residential landscape lighting will illuminate your yard without detracting from your curb appeal. Your guests will be able to easily navigate their way to the front door, and intruders will know to stay far away. Sleep soundly knowing that your landscape lighting is under our complete care.

Holiday Lighting Installation

When the holidays roll around, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives will take care of your yard lighting for you. We can plan out the perfect display to make your home the talk of the block. From traditional Christmas lighting to spooky Halloween displays, we’ll make your house an amazing spectacle for the big day. Ask about off-season storage.

Talk to our landscape lighting designers today. Call 800-447-1112 to schedule your free consultation.

What Your Lawn Says About You

Lawns make a statement about their owners. To create a feeling of style around your home, invest in landscape LED lighting. With an exciting array of LED lights to choose from, we can assist you in lighting your home and yard just the way you want it.

Style and Security

Landscape LED lights make a classy and elegant statement about you and your home, all the while providing a tranquil sense of security. LED lights provide more brightness than regular lawn lights. Lighting garden paths with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives make evening strolls through the garden all the more enjoyable. Additionally, our lights can illuminate your home and lawn so that those who pass by will see how beautiful it is.

While your magnificent rolling garden can be a great place for picnics, parties, or playground fun, it can also be a security risk after dark. However, with the input of an Outdoor Lighting Perspectives specialist, your large lawn can become a well-lit, trespasser-free area. Just give us a call, and let our landscape LED lighting do the rest.

All The Extras

Not only will we design lighting that is specifically tailored for your home, we are also happy to install the custom lighting system. In addition to the lights themselves, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives can install Lighting Automation Controls in your home to provide easy activation of your outdoor lighting. With a quick moment at the controls, you can light up your patio, garden paths, ponds, floodlights, or the whole kit and kaboodle. When you landscape with LED Lighting, you can transform a dark yard into a well-lit garden in an a flash with our special Outdoor Lighting touch.

Outdoor Lighting—Just What You Need

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we want to assist with your every landscape lighting need. Our lighting designers are masters of their craft and can help you in choosing the correct Color Rendering Index for your home. Whether it is facade lighting, pathway lights, or accenting decoration, we want to show off your home’s beauty at night as much as it shows during the day.

Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is here for all your outdoor lighting needs. During our Free Custom Design Plan, we will show you the optimum locations around your home and throughout your yard to achieve stunning outdoor lighting effects. If you already have a lighting system but need it serviced or upgraded, we are happy to help. Please fill out the form below to contact us.