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Landscape Lighting Ideas for Your Property

Beautifully designed landscape lighting is a great way to enhance your home or commercial property. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we create lighting designs that will allow you to enjoy all parts of your property at night, and your landscape is a large part of that.

The best landscape lighting systems will take 4 things into account: traveled pathways, color, trees and statement objects.

Traveled Paths

Outdoor lighting not only increase the beauty of your space, but also the safety and security. To enhance safety, outdoor lighting companies should pay attention to where the homeowners and their guests travel the property. Path lights can be installed along the sides of walkways whether they are paved or not to provide adequate light to walk. Path lighting is the most frequently used technique, but moonlighting, with its beautiful shadow effect, can also be used to light pathways.


Gardens and landscaping bring color and vibrancy to an outdoor living space, but all too often it becomes masked in the night’s darkness. Strategically placed outdoor lighting fixtures can keep those pops of color visible night and day.


Tree lighting is a great way to add layers to your landscape lighting design and invite the eye out to different parts of the property. There are two main techniques for lighting trees, moonlighting and up lighting. Moonlighting mimics the light cast by the moon with fixtures set high up in the trees shining downward while up lighting shoots the light up the trunk of the tree and into the branches.

Statement Pieces

Lastly, if you’ve invested time or money in statement pieces on your property, your landscape lighting system should highlight and enhance it! This may include statues, arbors, gazebos, water features and more.

To see some more landscape lighting ideas, please visit our inspiration page.

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