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Residential Outdoor Lighting in Philadelphia

outdoor lights in Philadelphia

When it gets dark outside, most people flock to the indoors. However, with the power of well-designed outdoor lighting, the outdoors can be enjoyed for much longer and look much more beautiful. That's where Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Bucks and Montgomery Counties can help!

OLP is the area's top name in residential exterior lighting solutions. Whether your are looking to have walkway lighting installed for extra safety, or would like to install Edison bulb string lights for a romantic backyard feel, OLP is trained to handle it all! From our free consultations and quality lighting fixtures to our unbeatable customer service, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is the premier outdoor lighting company you can depend on for outstanding results.

Looking for exterior lighting to add that extra bit of security and ambience to your home? Request your free outdoor lighting design consultation today!


Quality Outdoor Lighting Installation Services

The team at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Bucks and Montgomery Counties has spent over 20 years providing our community with top quality outdoor lighting installation services. We are passionate about the ways that lighting can transform spaces. When you choose OLP, our talented designers will tailor your installation to fit your specific needs and preferences. Whether you're looking for walkway lighting installation or low voltage lights, we have just what you need to enhance your property.

Exterior Lighting

Exterior lighting is a great way to elevate any home by creating outdoor ambience and heightening safety during the evening and nighttime hours. Some popular types of outdoor lights include

Security Lighting

Security lighting in Montgomery County doesn't have to be challenging or complicated. It's important to remember that exterior lighting can also be functional for safety and security. We are experienced in providing security lighting and motion light installation options for every type of property.

Learn more about patio lights in Philadelphia today! Dial (610) 569-0563 or contact us online now.

Utilizing a Variety of Landscape Lighting Techniques

landscape lighting in Philedelphia

Landscape lighting can improve the appearance of a space in ways you might not even realize until you get them. Once you experience the difference that landscape lighting can make in your space, you’ll never want to go back to living without them. You would not believe the ways that a beautifully lit patio and landscape can make your space look and feel more welcoming.

Landscape lighting looks amazing from both inside and outside the home. When you are outside, you will be surrounded by an illuminated ambiance, and when you are inside, you can enjoy a peaceful, tranquil view of your property from your window. Our team strategically places these lights in specific areas to create an aesthetically pleasing impact.

Our designers can implement the following techniques and many more to create the desired effects throughout the landscape:

  • Shadowing - This effect refers to lights that shine at the base of a feature towards a wall. Shadows provide depth and contrast to a landscape design.

  • Silhouetting - This effect refers to lights that project behind a specific feature and towards a nearby wall. It is also known as up lighting. The goal of this technique is to create focal points that add some dramatics and romance to the ambiance.

  • Highlighting - Highlighting refers to lights that illuminate the base of an outdoor feature. The highlighting effect varies the distance and angle of a light feature.

  • Washing - This effect refers to lights that shine on a spot that is a short distance away at an indirect angle to a wall or shrubbery. Wall washing is an outdoor lighting technique used to light flat walls and create an illusion of space. This can make the area feel larger and grander.

  • Moonlighting - Moonlighting is achieved by mounting downlights in nearby trees, which allows us to create art out of a landscape that can be enjoyed from various parts of a landscape.

Ready to work with the best security landscape lighting company near you? Call us at (610) 569-0563 or contact us online today!

Why make OLP your Preferred outdoor lighting company?

House with backyard string lighting

As an experienced and professional outdoor lighting in Montgomery County, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives has been the trusted partner of homeowners for over 20 years. Why? because unlike your traditional electrician or landscaper, we have been specializing in the niche field of outdoor lighting and landscape lighting, and nothing else! Allowing us to have the industries top quality products and expertise!

We are proud of the communities we have served over the years, and above our expertise, we have been the best local provider or outdoor lighting because we always remember the most important part of our business is our relationship with our customers and their happiness. That is why we always offer:

  • Free initial outdoor lighting design consultation with an expert
  • Free 12-month maintenance on all new outdoor lighting system installations
  • When you contact us, you can rest assured you will be speaking with a real person and any and all inquiries are handled quickly!

Frequently ASked Questions

Why Invest in Professional exterior Lighting Installation?

Professional outdoor lighting installations can enhance spaces in a variety of ways.

Some of the reasons our customers seek out professional installation of outdoor lights include:

  • Increased safety after dark, making it easier to walk around and preventing crime
  • Enhancing wayfinding capabilities
  • Creating a warm welcome for family and guests who enter the front door
  • Creating a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere for a seating or entertainment area
  • Adding dramatic effects to the landscape and elevating architectural features
  • Allowing for outdoor grilling and other activities at night
  • Increased curb appeal for current residents and potential future residents if selling the home

Are you ready to brighten up your outdoor space? Start working with one of our designers today by calling (610) 569-0563 or by contacting us online.

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