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Be the Gem of Your Neighborhood and More This Holiday Season

Being the most beautiful home on the block isn’t easy. It takes commitment to upkeep, design ability, technology and expertise. Luckily, the technicians and lighting designers at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of the North Sound have it all – expert technicians to install your holiday and residential outdoor lighting, design abilities to create a one-of-a-kind display, technology to provide the most beautiful result and expertise to make it all happen with skill.

Holiday Outdoor Lights

An Opportunity to Sparkle and Shine This Holiday Season

There are so many opportunities to further beautify your home from the outdoors, especially during the holiday season. Treat yourself to a holiday lighting installation and consider a residential outdoor installation as well!

Imagine your home with warm, twinkling lights this holiday season – and you didn’t have to lift a finger! The expert installation technicians at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of the North Sound will deck the halls for you and make your holiday décor dreams come true.

A Classic Lighting Installation that Lasts All Year

Some clients prefer just a temporary holiday lighting display with string lights, but other clients take the holiday season as an opportunity to have our classic lighting displays installed on their property. Your home can be basked in the warm light of our one-of-a-kind lighting displays year-round. During the holidays, you can make it extra-festive with red and green or purple and white – the opportunities are endless!

Front Door Holiday Decor

Bring Your Holiday Dreams to Life

We all have dreams of the perfect holiday display for our home. A wreath elegantly hung on the door and garland with twinkling lights draped just right. Warm, glowing bulbs line the edges and corners of your home perfectly and all you had to do was call the team at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of the North Sound for an installation.

Colorful lighting is always an option, too! Go with a classic red and white theme or go with a rainbow color explosion! Adorn the trees that surround your home in colorful strings of lights and wrap the pillars at your front door with garlands that hold countless points of light. Your home will be a vision for guests this holiday season.

A Local Company You Can Trust

Front Patio Holiday Decor

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of the North Sound is proud to be locally owned and operated by a member of the local community. Our team members come from the neighborhoods of the North Sound where we install stunning holiday lighting as well as more permanent lighting installations year-round. No matter the time of year, your home can be dazzling with lighted pillars, gardens, footpaths and landscape.

Gardens and Landscapes Can Become a Winter Wonderland with Holiday Lighting Displays

See your outdoors in a new way with the imaginative accents of a holiday lighting display. Accentuate your home’s beautiful architecture with a perfectly placed garland over your front door archway and add the twinkle of string lights to the bushes and shrubberies of your gardens. Make passersby say “ooo and ahh” as they come upon your beautifully illuminated home.

Front of House Holiday Decor & Lights

Show Your Home Some Love This Holiday Season

Our homes do not get enough appreciation for how well they care for us – a literal roof over our heads should not go unnoticed! Show your home a little love and give it a holiday makeover anyone can appreciate. It will be simply beautiful. Let the twinkle of the holiday season settle onto your rooflines and window edging. Illuminate your hedgerows with cascading strings of light that dazzle your guests and invite visitors to your home.

Front Door Decor & Lights

The Holiday Season Can Be Yours with Outdoor Perspectives of the North Sound

Let us bring home the holidays for you with a risk-free consultation. Give us a call at (425)428-6309 or visit our contact us online to bring your outdoor holiday décor dreams to life.

Front of house Lights