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The Benefits of Professional Market Lighting Design & Installation

You’ve seen them on tv, the movies, and at the big box store, and you want them too! Overhead string lighting for your outdoor living space is called many different names, market lighting, bistro lighting, festive lighting, party lighting and more. No matter what you call them, they are fun to have for backyard entertaining. Skip the big box store and call the outdoor lighting professionals to enjoy a custom-design and professional installation for year-round enjoyment that will last.

Professional party lights

Why You Should Choose Professional Market Lighting Installation


Have you ever tried to duplicate a holiday lighting scene or landscape design idea from a home and gardening magazine? It might look easy, but to achieve that polished designer look requires design and installation skills that come from years of experience.

When we design your custom market lighting system we’ll string the lights to the exact length, we’ll install proper points of attachment, and we’ll hang them to maintain the integrity of the design through most weather conditions. No taking them down in the winter, you can enjoy them always.

You’ll enjoy no slack in the wire, no extra lights or too few lights to reach the full distance, and you’ll enjoy some custom design options that can only be achieved by our professional lighting installation team.

Festive Lighting that Lasts

Our festive outdoor lighting comes with a 5-year warranty. Five years! You’d have to replace big box string lights 3 or 4 times during the time ours are still covered! During the five-years, we’ll replace bulbs, fix wiring, and any other issue that you have with your market lights.

Backyard Fun All Year Long

Party lights are all about the fun! When we design and install your system, you’ll be able to create an instant party in your backyard anytime, all year long, with just the flip of a switch.

Lit garden path

Market lighting is good for almost any occasion. While many enjoy them for backyard barbecues, family gatherings, and summer parties, they also create a great romantic vibe if you are preparing dinner for two al fresco!

Just imagine, fantastic food and the one you love, under the stars and under the lights!

If you’re interested in adding the final touch to your backyard entertaining space, consider our expert market lighting design and installation. We install bistro lights over decks, patios, pools, lawn areas and more! Call today to schedule a design consultation. (703) 936-7190

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