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Bask in the Glow of Gorgeous Pool Lighting in Your NoVa Backyard This Summer & Every Summer

Pool lighting in Leesburg, Aldie, Ashburn and all of Northern Virginia is a must-have to maximize the use of your backyard swimming pool area. Whether you invested in adding a swimming pool to your backyard or it was one of the many reasons you bought your home, you should get the most out of it every season. From pool parties to backyard barbecues, having a swimming pool is a great way to keep everyone cool when the summer heat sets in. But you don’t have to keep those swims to the daytime hours. With the addition of pool lighting you can enjoy sunset swims, night swims, and even early-morning swims with beautiful visibility.

Pool lighting

There is more than one way to light a pool.

Underwater pool lighting

The classic and most asked for; everyone loves underwater pool lighting. There is nothing like diving into a beautifully lit swimming pool. It is not just for swimming visibility, but the gorgeous glow of lights shining up from under the water makes for a cool vibe for those relaxing on the patio no matter what the occasion.

Pool patio lighting

Depending on your household’s preferences, you might enjoy your pool from the patio more than from in the water. If that is the case, your pool deck/patio is quite likely more important to your backyard enjoyment than the pool itself. Keeping a swimming pool safe and enjoyable can be achieved with custom pool patio lighting. We can illuminate hardscapes, set lighting in the patio around the perimeter of the pool, and add focal lighting to patio accessories to create a safe, secure place to swim or hang out at night.

Pool fence lighting

For safety and liability, backyard swimming pools are fenced in. We can utilize our copper or brass half-moon lights or post lights to create a custom fence lighting design for your pool fencing. These lights will add to the safety of your pool, create visibility for nighttime usage, and help secure your pool from uninvited nighttime swimmers!

Landscape lighting

Large planters, flower beds, and surrounding landscape items such as trees and shrubbery make the perfect foundation for good pool area lighting. We can successfully illuminate the entire perimeter of a backyard swimming pool by focusing exclusively on these items if your backyard layout allows for it.

Pool house lighting

Guest house, pool house, or changing rooms can benefit from the same outdoor lighting technique we use for exterior home lighting. With uplighting washing up the walls or mounted on the eaves, your out-building can provide perfect light to the pool area.

Overhead festive lighting

If the main function of your swimming pool and surrounding area is for backyard entertaining, we recommend festive overhead lighting. These round market lights are custom designed and strung to fit your space, are LED for longevity and can withstand the elements. Did we mention they create an instant-party with the flip of a switch?

Don’t let another summer go by without experiencing a beloved night swim on a hot summer Virginia night. Call us today for an outdoor lighting design demonstration for your custom pool lighting and set yourself for a summer to remember. (703) 936-7190

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