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Driveway Lighting for Safety and Curb Appeal

Have you ever pulled into a driveway that was so dark you had difficulty navigating your way around it? Not being able to see properly, likely made you worry about hitting something on the property or wonder if you were headed in the right direction. Now, consider your own driveway. Would your guests have any difficulty at night?

Lighting a driveway serves several purposes. It provides safety for you and your guests and adds curb appeal to your home.
Similar to the reasons for lighting walkways and paths for safety, the same apply to lighting a driveway. The light serves as a guide to navigate you and your guests, while creating a warm, welcoming ambiance at the same time. When properly done, driveway lighting gives your home that WOW factor, leaving a great first impression.

There are Three Ways to Light a Driveway for Both Safety and Curb Appeal:


If you have large trees along your driveway, down lighting is a great option, creating a unique, soft atmosphere with relatively minimal pre-planning required. With new home builds, you can map out the tree placement along the driveway. A landscape lighting designer or specialist will have knowledge on how to strategically place fixtures to provide optimal lighting.


If you prefer fixtures that are less noticeable, up-lights are a great option. If you have mature trees along your driveway, up-lights will help define the driveway edge and add ambient light. Fixtures can be installed along the turf, or into the driveway cement, also requiring more planning ahead.

Whichever type of lighting fixtures you choose, you’ll want them installed to highlight any potential obstacles along the driveway – trees, fences, walls, etc. – or at a change of direction. Additionally, providing adequate lighting at the entrance to the destination makes finding the entrance to your home and parking much easier and safer.

As you can see, strategically placed lighting can increase driveway safety and provide curb appeal to your home. It is best to get a landscape lighting designer or specialist involved to help you develop a comprehensive landscape lighting plan for existing or new home builds, to keep safety, security, and beauty in mind.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Virginia, a landscape lighting designer will have the experience and knowledge to consider safety, security, and beauty when creating a custom lighting design. If you have any questions or would like to discuss driveway lighting or other lighting needs, please feel free to contact us. If you’re ready to start spending more evenings enjoying your outdoor space, schedule a free consultation and night-time demonstration! Call us today (703) 936-7190.