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Outdoor Lighting Ideas for More Enjoyable Summer Nights

Entertaining in your outdoor living space, unwinding under the trees, and creating memories by the pool are a huge part of what makes summer so great. And a little bit of extra light in the evening makes the fun last even longer!
Outdoor lighting increases the functionality of your space, highlights its beauty, and creates an ambiance. These are some ways outdoor lighting will make leisurely summer nights more enjoyable:

• Lighting trees and landscaping can expand the premises of your property and showcase your plants while increasing security.

• Path lights help safely guide family and guests around your property. It also could be beneficial to illuminate an outdoor structure like a pergola, outdoor kitchen, treehouse, etc.

• Lighting your deck or patio enables you to host bar-b-ques and gatherings at night or enjoy the evening while you watch the sunset.

• Using your pool at night can be hazardous, especially in areas such as steps, walkways and pool edges. Adding outdoor lighting to the area around your pool provides a unique ambiance and increased safety.

When planning lighting for an outdoor space, think about your lifestyle and how you’ll use it — whether as a play area for a young, active family or as a serene spot for relaxing and reading. That will help you prioritize where light is needed.
The professionals at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives can work with you to develop a custom landscape lighting design that perfectly accents your outdoor space.

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