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What is the Best Material for Outdoor Lighting Fixtures?

What is the Best Material for Outdoor Lighting Fixtures?

When choosing your outdoor lighting fixtures in Northern Virginia, we know how tempting it can feel to just go to your closest home improvement store and grab the large box of plastic lighting fixtures. They might look nice at first, but in the long-run, they will cause you nothing but a headache. Before you make an impulse decision, learn what the best lighting fixtures are and why you should invest in them.

Plastic and Powder-Coated Aluminum Outdoor Lightingoutdoor landscape lighting

The cheapest types of lighting fixtures out there are plastic and powder-coated aluminum. The plastic ones will not hold up outside. You can expect for their color to change quickly and affect the way the light emits. These lights often come in solar, which doesn’t emit as much light as LED or low-voltage. It’s also likely you will need to replace these every year.

With powder-coated aluminum lights, they look great at first, and professional lighting companies even offer them, but they are essentially just long-lasting plastic. You can expect for unsightly corrosion, chipping powder-coat, and a need for replacement down the line.

Brass and Copper Landscape Lighting

We highly recommend our brass and copper landscape lighting fixtures. They don’t corrode, chip, break, rust, peel, or crack. They also hold up against harsh weather or your tough landscape. They also emit LED light which rarely needs to be replaced. LED lights offer at least 50,000 hours of light! You can expect brass and copper landscape lighting to last for decades to come. They look amazing and require little effort on the maintenance side.

Warranty for the Best Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

If you’re worried about our best outdoor lighting fixtures breaking down the line, don’t. We offer a selection of warranties for our brass and copper landscape lighting. For example, our brass and copper lights have a lifetime warranty if they randomly stop working or have wire problems. You can read more about our warranties here.

No need to wait until spring. As long as there is not a lot of snow on the ground, we can install a new landscape lighting system for you this winter. Call today to schedule your free nighttime demonstration.