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Outdoor Lighting in Winter

It’s winter, and you may be thinking about cozying up in the warmth of your house. But just because the weather has cooled off, you don’t have to abandon your outdoor living spaces. In fact, some outdoor living spaces do great in the colder months, and the addition of lighting makes them even more usable.

Your outdoor living spaces are meant to be an extension of your home, so setting them up for colder weather is an absolute necessity. Lighting outdoor living spaces becomes even more critical in the winter. As the days grow shorter and darker, lighting outdoor living spaces is the only way to enjoy them. If you’re like many homeowners, the sun has already set by the time you get home from work, so you need that extra light.

Lighting Different Types of Outdoor Living Spaces

Too often, homeowners give up on outdoor living in the winter, but some spaces are great for cold weather. If you have an outdoor fire pit or fireplace, roasting smores on a chilly night can be a great activity for family and friends. Bring out some hot cocoa, and you’ve got yourself a magical evening. These are some spaces outside your home that could benefit from outdoor lighting:

• Outdoor rooms: It is becoming increasingly common for some outdoor spaces to be treated as outdoor rooms. The outdoor room is treated similarly to an indoor room, complete with furniture and lighting. If you have an outdoor room, there is no need to abandon it in the winter. Just like an indoor room, you can actually heat a well-sheltered outdoor room, and add lighting to make it more useful all year round.

• Hot tubs and spas are unique outdoor spaces that can be especially fun in the winter months. Taking a hot soak on a cold night is a great way to relax and enjoy the winter weather. With the right lighting, your spa can be a year-round attraction.

• Fire features: If you have a fire feature, there is no reason not to light it up all winter long. Of course, a fire is its own heat source, so cozying up to a great fire feature will keep you and your guests warm. And although a fire feature is also a source of light, without additional lighting you would still be left mostly in the dark.

• Backyard: It’s not always cold in the winter. If you use your backyard, why not install some ambient light so that you and your guests can see the area around them and navigate safely at night? Find tall trees, gazebos, or even parts of your home where you can hide an unassuming fixture. It’s important to use a few fixtures from different angles to avoid deep shadows.

Lighting outdoor living spaces is a great way to bridge the indoor and outdoor areas of your home. Even in the colder winter months, you can enjoy your outdoor living areas at night. With help from the experts at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Virginia, your outdoor living spaces will look and feel like a high-end resort with just the right lighting for each space.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Virginia, a landscape lighting designer will have the experience and knowledge to consider safety, security, and beauty when creating a custom lighting design. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your lighting needs, please feel free to contact us. If you’re ready to start spending more evenings enjoying your outdoor space, schedule a free consultation and night-time demonstration! Call us today (703) 936-7190.