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The Top 6 Benefits of Pool Lighting at Your Ashburn, Aldie or Leesburg Home

Memorial Day marks the unofficial beginning of summer. Pools are open, grills are cleaned, and the summer backyard party season is upon us. If you enjoy celebrating in the backyard on the weekend, chances are you are busy having so much fun that the sunset sneaks up on you and suddenly you are left with a pool that is much too dark for continued use.

If your swimming pool is too dark, it is time to consider pool lighting. Not convinced? We offer you the top 6 reasons you need to install pool lighting at your home this summer:

1. Night Swims
You work hard all week long, and regardless of the summer weather, you might even work late! After a long D.C. commute home, it might often be dark by the time you arrive. But that doesn’t mean you have to leave your swimming pool unused during the week. Take that beloved night swim or soak in the hot tub to ease the days stresses with custom pool lighting to guide the way.

2. Safety & Liability
If you have a backyard swimming pool, you are more than aware of the liability involved as your homeowner’s insurance rates likely reflect it. Minimize your risk with proper pool lighting for added safety. A visible pool is a pool that is much more difficult to fall into.

3. Security
Sneaking into a neighbor’s pool is a summer tradition for teenagers around the world. While it might be mostly harmless, you can deter them from choosing your pool with pool lighting.

4. Pool Party Vibes
Your swimming pool is an important centerpiece in your outdoor living space. Even when you are throwing a non-pool party, you can use your pool as part of the vibe you want to create. With pool lighting, your guests will enjoy that fun summer party vibe without having to put on a swimsuit and get wet.

5. Extend the Kids Pool Party
You spend an entire day enjoying the sound of splashes and laughter as your kids beat the heat with friends all day in the pool. Don’t be the one who had to call them in early just because the sun is going down. Let the fun and laughter continue well into the night. Your kids will make lasting summer memories thanks to pool lighting that extends their time in the water.

6. A Vital Component of Your Landscape Lighting System
When you add gorgeous landscape lighting to your property, don’t omit the pool! It will create a dark hole in the middle of an otherwise perfect landscape lighting system. With custom pool lighting for your pool or pool deck, you can make sure your landscape lighting system is perfectly complete with uniformity and beauty to be enjoyed any time of the year from indoors or out!

If you’re ready to maximize the use of your beloved swimming pool – call today for a free nighttime lighting demonstration and design consultation. (703) 936-7190