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Classy Alternatives to Holiday Lighting You Can Use All Year Long

Do you hate taking down holiday lighting every year? Use this alternative solution for year-long outdoor lighting in Leesburg.

As enjoyable as holiday lighting is, it’s a pain to put up and take down every single year. Unless you hire our team of holiday lighting pros. Fortunately, there’s another alternative to brighten your home up for the holidays that doesn’t require you to take it down after New Year’s. In fact, you will leave it up all year to enjoy it! With landscape lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, you can draw attention to your holiday décor during the holiday season, and then enjoy a beautifully lit yard for the rest of the year. The best part is you don’t have to install or uninstall anything yourself. Discover how landscape lighting can benefit your home.

Landscape Lighting Tweaked For Your Holiday Display

You don’t have to skip out on the holiday season because you have landscape lighting. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives can tweak your landscape lighting to accentuate your holiday décor. We can point lighting at reindeer in your front yard and ensure your holiday accents like wreaths on the windows and doors are seen with the right amount of light. We can design your landscape lighting to work perfectly with your holiday décor and with your landscape once the holiday season is over.

multi-colored LED LightingHoliday Lighting with RGB LED Landscape Lighting

If you would prefer to bring more of the holiday spirit to your yard, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives can also provide you with an RGB LED lighting system so you can control the color of your outdoor lighting all year round. This is an easy way to make your home feel festive for any holiday without doing anything but picking a color on your smartphone app. You can choose team colors during playoffs or festive colors for other holidays too! When there’s no holiday around the corner, stick with warm whites to bring your home to life at night. Save yourself from the time and energy it takes to install holiday lighting and consider investing in year-round landscape lighting that works with your holiday display.

If you already have an existing landscape lighting system, in many cases you can swap out the lamp for green and red. Most uplights use MR-16 bulbs, which come in green and red and are easy to swap!

Would you like to leave holiday lighting behind and enjoy beautiful illumination all year? Call today to schedule your free nighttime demonstration.