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10 Aldie Landscape Lighting Ideas to Wow Your Friends and Neighbors

If you’re considering investing in Aldie landscape lighting, browse the 10 ideas below to get started. Our team at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is here to help your outdoor lighting dreams become a reality.

1. Dramatic Uplighting

By placing lights low and having them point up towards your home, you can create dramatic uplighting to highlight your home’s unique features while also brightening up the outside of your home. This helps your exterior become noticeable at night.

2. String Lights Along the Fence

Create a fun atmosphere in your backyard by adding string lights along a fence. This trick is perfect if you have a backyard with lots of space for entertaining, have a pool, or a deck you like to spend time on.

3. Small Lights Going Up Steps

Never miss a step at night by adding subtle lighting to steps throughout your yard. Our outdoor lighting installers can help you choose the perfect lights to illuminate your stairs.

Landscape Lighting

4. Bright Pathway Lights for Outdoor Lighting

Pathway lighting is one of our most popular outdoor lighting choices. Illuminating your pathways at night helps your walkways become more welcoming and safe to walk on. You never have to worry about stepping on something you don’t want to or tripping at night.

5. Aldie Landscape Lighting for Bodies of Water

If you have a pool, hot tub, pond, or even a waterfall, adding a bit of landscape lighting into the mix can really draw attention to your home’s unique features. Whether you want to place lights in the water or around it, we can help your bodies of water come to life at night with warm and inviting lights.

Pool Area Lighting

6. String Lights in Trees

If you don’t have fences to place string lighting on, or you want your yard to feel even more festive and fun, adding string lights to trees in your backyard is a fun and effective way to brighten up your backyard.

7. String Globe Lights Above Outdoor Dining

Make dining outside a bit more magical by adding string globe lights above your outdoor dining area. Your nighttime dinners are going to feel like eating at a bistro outside in Europe with this unique touch.

Backyard with String Lights

8. Outdoor Lighting Hidden in Gardens

Illuminate your yard’s beautiful gardens by adding subtle lighting throughout your favorite flowers and plants. Enjoy their beauty all day and night.

9. Uplighting From Behind Trees

Add more light to your yard and cast dramatic shadows on your trees by adding uplighting behind your trees.

10. Outdoor Lighting in the Driveway

Make coming home a bit more pleasant and inviting, especially during stormy nights, by adding outdoor lighting to your driveway.

Don’t just hire anyone. Choose the professionals for your Aldie landscape lighting project. We create customized designs for your unique landscape. Call today to schedule your free nighttime demonstration. (703) 936-7190