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Subtle Security Lighting Beautifies your Brambleton Home Without Alerting the Astronauts in Space

Did you know you can add security lighting to your home without it looking like your home has a spotlight on it? Security lighting doesn’t have to include bright and unattractive floodlights. There’s no need to alert astronauts in space to deter intruders from your home. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we believe your outdoor lighting should serve multiple purposes. It should accentuate your home and yard’s best features, it should illuminate your yard well enough for security purposes, and it should be bright enough to add extra safety to your home at night. Learn more about subtle security lighting for your home.

Subtle Security Lighting Options

When it comes to protecting your home from intruders, outdoor lighting is the oldest and most effective trick in the book. If the outside of your home is well-lit, intruders will feel intimidated and choose to skip your home. We offer several different lighting options to add security to your home in an aesthetic way.

Perimeter lighting is placed at the outer edges of your property either on faces, trees or shrubbery to give you a clear sight of intruders trying to enter.

Adding light to dark areas of your yard is also a way we can add subtle security lighting to your home. If you have any large trees or especially dark areas of your yard, we will place lighting in these areas so no movement goes undetected at night. Say goodbye to darkness for good.

Entrance illumination is a simple and elegant way to make the entrance more inviting for guests and less inviting for intruders. With pathway and porch lighting, no step up to your front door will feel in the dark.

Path Lighting

Landscape Lighting for Security

The last type of subtle security lighting to include at your home is landscape lighting. We will customize your home’s landscape lighting to not only enhance the beauty of your home and bring it to life at night, but to cast light on your yard’s darkest areas. Whether your yard is filled with lots of shrubs and trees or it’s empty, adding a touch of outdoor lighting to your yard can do wonders for security.

Path Lighting

Don’t call the security company and get a blinding floodlight installed! Subtle security lighting can be yours with a customized landscape lighting system. Call today to schedule your free nighttime demonstration.