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Northern Virginia Outdoor Lighting Extends Summer Outdoor Living Deep into Early Autumn Sunsets

Once Labor Day passes, do you resign yourself to unpacking your fall and winter wardrobe, going indoors earlier, watching more Netflix, snuggling up with a good book, and generally giving up on outdoor living? While the weather doesn’t get too cold for a while yet, the earlier setting sun can slowly take time away from your backyard enjoyment. Arriving home as the sunsets isn’t exactly motivating. The approaching winter darkness is a great reminder of the need for LED outdoor lighting at your home.

Extend Outdoor Living with Outdoor Lighting Installation

As you arrive home each day to the sun setting, it might be easy to just go inside and stay there. But you don’t have to. The weather is lovely this time of year. You’ve invested heavily in your outdoor living spaces, now is the best time to use them. With the addition of an LED outdoor lighting system, you can extend your time outdoors, add safety & security for arriving home after dark, and even continue to entertain in your outdoor living spaces.

Deck or Patio Lighting for Outdoor Living

Don’t cover the grill for the winter or put the patio furniture away just yet. Fall is lovely in Ashburn, Leesburg, Fairfax and the rest of Northern Virginia. We recommend patio lighting and deck lighting so you can take advantage of gorgeous fall evenings.

Our professional-grade market lighting hanging over either your deck or patio can create instant-fun for everyday or entertaining on weekends. These lights are the must-have trend for outdoor entertaining and give you a nostalgic feeling to melt away the day’s worries.

Backyard with String Lights

We recommend stair riser lights to add safety to your deck. But for ambient lighting around the entire space, we can add gorgeous decorative post-cap lights, under-railing lighting, or half-moon post lights. Check out more ideas for your deck lighting.

Hardscape lighting is a great way to illuminate your patio. Vertical stone features lend themselves beautifully for mounted lighting to shine softly down the wall and onto the ground. Add a combination of focal lighting and path lighting in the surrounding landscape and you’ve set yourself a lovely scene for a relaxing evening.

If you aren’t ready to give up outdoor living yet, for the love of summer, call today for a free outdoor lighting demonstration at your home! We look forward to working with you!