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Now is the Time to Illuminate Your Trees for a Brilliant Fall Foliage Season in Northern Virginia

If you love the fall color change that transforms Northern Virginia every autumn, you likely make a special effort taking in the colorful scenery. From weekend meandering drives on Georgetown Pike to hikes in Great Falls Park, with a short season for peak foliage, it is important to make the most of it. Check out this feature by for ideas on where to view peak fall foliage and the Virginia Department of Forestry for peak timing.

Tree LightingWhat about at home?

Are you maximizing your enjoyment of the colorful transformation of your own property?

Tree lighting extends fall leaf watching past sundown

The trees on your property can provide as much magic as a scenic drive or hike. And best of all, they are right there in your own backyard. You can enjoy their magic and majesty from the comfort of your home on cold days or from your favorite outdoor living space on warm fall afternoons.

While your maples, oaks, and hickory trees burst with bright reds, burnt oranges, and golden yellows, you begin to dread the early fall sunset that leaves your kaleidoscope of color in the dark shortly after you arrive home from the office each day.

But, with the addition of Northern Virginia tree lighting, you not only get to view the colorful scenery after sunset but under the glow of a gentle LED light, the tree and its magnificent colors take on a whole new magic.

Professional Tree Lighting Options

Uplighting is one of the most popular ways to illuminate the trees around your property.

For tall trees, we aim to show off the height of the tree as well as the spread of the leaves with a light shining up the trunk into the branches. This lighting effect has the additional benefit of illuminating the lovely texture of the tree’s unique bark.

For ornamental and shorter trees, we will create a wider spread with our uplight to highlight the reach of the gorgeous, colorful canopy.

We also offer a wonderful option called moonlighting, where we mount downlights strategically in the tree to create a mystical scene on your property while simultaneously highlighting the tree itself. In fact, one of our favorite techniques is to combine the two for maximum design depth and intrigue.

What tree will you light up?

Chances are, you probably already have a favorite tree on your meticulously landscaped property. However, if you would like to add more fall color, we recently happened upon a really interesting story from Green Vista Tree Care suggestions for the best trees for fall color in our area.

We enjoy working with you to learn what you love about your landscape so we can highlight your favorites. And when it comes to maximizing your outdoor enjoyment of the fall season, we are here for all of your outdoor lighting needs. We highly recommend outdoor lighting for your outdoor living spaces as well as tree lighting and landscape lighting so you can enjoy the scenery even after dark. Call today to schedule a free, no-obligation nighttime outdoor lighting demonstration.