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Bold Backyard Lighting Ideas for Extended Time at Home

Your backyard is a sanctuary for your family to enjoy. You have outfitted it with a comfortable outdoor living space, the yard games and activities you relish, and possibly even a swimming pool for summer fun. Take those measures one step further with bold backyard lighting to extend your enjoyment of every amenity your yard has to offer. Consider these ideas for your time at home.

Playground & Outdoor Game Lightingbackyard playground lighting

The fun in your backyard doesn’t have to stop because the sun goes down. Our customized backyard lighting solutions can be designed around your favorite play space. If sports are your focus, we can illuminate tennis courts, volleyball courts, batting cages, and more so your athletes can practice at home and fine-tune their skills.

Let us add lighting to your backyard playground. As your kids or grandkids need to get outside, stretch and run around, they shouldn’t have to come in at dark. There is nothing quite like summer nights in the backyard for making life-long memories.

If you love some friendly competition in the backyard game arena, rally after dark with lighting for your horseshoe pits, bean bag toss, bocce ball court, and more. We offer custom outdoor lighting solutions that work with your existing set-up for visibility and safety.

Pergola & Porch Lighting

Pergolas and porches provide a private backyard shelter for relaxing, unwinding, and recharging. If you’ve added such a space to your property, make it functional all day and night with customized outdoor lighting. Our team of expert lighting designers will provide a beautiful recommendation to achieve your desired effect.

If you’d like to use your space to play card games or read at night, we can offer very specific task lighting to allow for clear visibility.

If you’re more likely to be relaxing and enjoying a quiet glass of wine and conversation with a loved-one, softer ambient lighting might be the perfect fit for you.

backyard pond lighting at night time Most often, our clients prefer a combination so they can switch the lights on as needed to meet the varying activities from night-to-night. Our team will customize the perfect solution for you with all the right switches and options to meet ALL your outdoor living needs.

Water Feature & Sculpture Lighting

Creating calm and tranquility at home is as important as creating functionality. If you’ve added a touch of Zen to your backyard with a beloved sculpture or soothing water feature, add some light for a 24/7 effect. Our team often creates customized lighting designs for water fountains and sculptures to enhance the nighttime beauty and tranquility in any landscape.

If you’re looking for ways to make your backyard sanctuary a nighttime retreat, call our team today for a free design consultation.