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How to Make Sure Your Winter Outdoor Lighting Holds Up to the Weather

icy path light OLPOutdoor lighting and landscape lighting are an essential element to getting through the long darkness of winter. But winter weather can be harsh at times, putting your lights at risk for weather damage. If you grab the least expensive landscape lights at the big box store, chances are they won’t be there for you when you need them most. When you choose a professional outdoor lighting company, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Virginia, you’ll get commercial-grade quality lights that will last through winter weather and beyond.

This blog is not to say that NOTHING can damage one of our lights. Mother nature can be harsh, as can stray footballs and over-eager edging. However, our solid brass and copper fixtures are built to last. Check out what you can expect in winter from our lights and why winter is the most crucial time for reliable landscape lighting.

Ice on Landscape Lights

When there is an ice storm, the biggest threat to our lights would be falling branches. A heavy branch can certainly cause some damage if it lands on one of our landscape lights just right. Besides that, ice storms shouldn’t affect our lights, except for creating a potentially extra shimmering scene. However, cheap plastic lights can’t handle much weight or the cold from ice, making them brittle and easily damaged.

Snow Melt

If you’re using big box landscape lights, the snow will undoubtedly bury the little bit of light they emit. Our lights can shine right through the snow. In fact, do we dare say they look even more beautiful when snow is in the mix? The glitter of fresh powder under the delicate wash of our LED landscape lights is a thing to behold.

If you want even more light to shine through, feel free to clean the snow off your lights. But, you can leave them as is. The snow will melt off the lens quickly enough. And do not forget, even our overhead string lights can withstand some snow for year-round enjoyment.

year round string lighting in winter

Winter Outdoor Lighting is Essential

Winter is dark! With nights being prolonged, it is not unusual to leave the house before sunrise and return after sunset. Outdoor lighting is a helpful way to boost your mood, spirit, and create a warm, tranquil welcome home. Your beautiful home and landscape shouldn’t spend so much time under cover of darkness. Our customized outdoor lighting systems will help your property shine through the longest winter nights.

A beautiful shimmering scene is a joy. But with the long darkness of night, safety during winter is precious, as dark arriving in the afternoon and snowy, icy days create additional hazards to navigate. Winter is the most important time to add simple safety measures to your property, such as path lighting and driveway lighting.

Boost your home’s nighttime winter curb appeal with stunning glittering snowy scenes created with durable LED outdoor lighting. Our team creates customized lighting designs for our expert installation crews as well as ongoing service. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Virginia today.