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What You Need to Know About Landscape Renovations and Your Outdoor Lighting Installation

Give Outdoor Lighting Perspectives a Call to Take Care of Landscape Lighting Before Your Renovation

If you’re planning to renovate your lawn this spring, or even right now, if you already have outdoor lighting installed, it’s a good idea to give Outdoor Lighting Perspectives in Northern Virginia a call before the big renovation day. We will work directly with your landscape designer and crew to include your landscape lighting within the design and install it when it’s most convenient. There’s no better time to make changes to your yard than in spring and pre-spring.

tree in front yard with illumination lighting Why Upgrade Your Landscape Design in Pre-Spring or Spring?

During pre-spring and spring, it’s the best time of year to add trees, sod, and other landscape design changes to your yard. Since winter is when plants become dormant, it becomes easier to move plants around, change them, or remove them from your yard. If you get started on your landscape renovation in pre-spring, it will help the process go much smoother for both the renovators and your landscape lighting installers.

Complimenting Your Landscape Renovation with Landscape Lighting

If you already have landscape lighting installed, it makes the most sense to give us a call before your landscape renovation takes place. This will allow us time to remove electrical wiring that may be in the way for the renovators so that nothing gets damaged in the process. In addition, it allows us the chance to work hand in hand with your landscape design company so we can plan a beautiful landscape lighting design for your yard.

If you would like to add new lights to your landscape design, we will come in and install the lights before your yard has time to settle and heal. This prevents us from having to dig up your yard again. Whether you’re laying down sod, planting new trees, or extending your landscaping beds, we want to ensure that none of your existing landscape lighting becomes damaged in the process. Not only will calling us before your renovation save you money from potential damage, but it will save you time from having all the problems fixed. Instead, we would love to work hand in hand with your landscape renovation company.

If you’re in the planning stages of new landscaping, sod, or a landscape overhaul, call today to get us involved with your landscape team for gorgeous landscape lighting built right in.