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Leesburg Landscape Lighting: Take Your Landscape Renovations to the Next Level with These Lighting Ideas

How Can Leesburg Landscape Lighting Accentuate Your New Features?

path lighting for landscape bedsSpringtime is the perfect time of year for homeowners to make all sorts of home improvements, including landscape renovations. If you’ve recently made some renovations to your landscape, make sure you’re exercising every opportunity to show off your new features every chance you get. Unfortunately, many people forget that you can enjoy the beauty of a home’s yard at night with a little help from landscape lighting. Discover all of the ways Outdoor Lighting Perspectives can help you take your landscape renovations to the next level with Leesburg landscape lighting.

Leesburg Landscape Lighting to Show off Your Annual Flowers

There’s nothing quite like the appearance of beautiful blooming annual spring flowers. If you got your green thumb dirty this spring, make sure all of your neighbors know about it. With landscape lighting, our outdoor lighting designers can add garden lighting to all of your beautiful new flowers to help them show off their radiance at night. You no longer have to wait for morning to come to enjoy the appearance of spring in full bloom.

Landscape Lighting Ideas for New Water Features

If you’ve added a pond, pool, water fountain, or even a hot tub to your yard, make sure you can also enjoy it at night. For ponds and water fountains, we can add lighting around the bodies of water so you can enjoy their beauty at night and enjoy their reflection under the stars. For pools and hot tubs, we can place string lighting and other lighting fixtures around the area to make sure it’s ready for summer night swims and never-ending pool parties. Our outdoor lighting designers can capture any tone or mood you’re trying to set in the area of your home’s new water features.

Landscape Lighting Ideas for New Plants

The last of our landscape lighting ideas for you is for homeowners who added new plants like shrubs or trees to their yard this spring. For new trees, we highly recommend uplighting to emphasize the height of the tree. Uplighting also works really well for tall bushes you want to draw attention to. For smaller plants and shrubs, we recommend smaller lighting fixtures that emit the right amount of light to brighten up your yard and accentuate their beauty at night.

Don’t let your hard work go unseen at night. Add professional Leesburg landscape lighting to illuminate your gorgeous property for nighttime enjoyment. Call today to schedule your free nighttime demonstration.