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Enjoy Your Pool Area at Night with Upscale Landscape Lighting

In Northern Virginia, we are known for our blissfully warm summers, and there is plenty of excitement to be had on your property during the daytime. With the appropriate lighting, the fun doesn’t need to end when the sun goes down. Everyone loves a good night swim, and pool owners can make a splash in their in-ground pool at any hour of the day with the proper landscape lighting for functionality, aesthetics, and safety.

pool lighting

While Outdoor Lighting Perspectives has been providing the Northern Virginia area with every kind of landscape lighting for more than twenty years, pool area lighting is perennially popular as more homeowners understand the value and ambiance of a well-lit property.

Whether you’re looking to keep kids safe as they play in the pool at night, accentuate the natural beauty of your backyard, or both, you’ll find plenty of reasons to install designer landscape lighting around your pool.

landscape pool lighting

Making the Most of Your Pool with Designer Landscape Lighting

During the summer, when children are unburdened with the daily routine of school, swimming can be a fun and athletic activity—and as they get older, they’ll want to hang out by the pool with their friends late into the evening.

Ditto for you and your spouse. There are few things more luxurious than sipping a cocktail by the pool under the stars, knowing you can sleep in the next morning. Weekdays or weekends, an illuminated pool area can help keep you safe and secure as you relax and unwind by the water.

beauty in the backyard

Finding the Natural Beauty in Your Own Backyard

There’s a reason they say that Virginia is for lovers. Our state is strikingly beautiful, with regal estates and sprawling properties in the Northern Virginia area. We love this region of the country, and we know that our clients take pride in the breathtaking beauty in their own backyards.

As such, we believe that your property’s inherent aesthetic qualities provide the ideal blueprint for your dream lighting design. We take care to design pool area lighting that highlights existing beauty, subtly and effectively casting light on the lush foliage, manicured lawns, and majestic gardens you have taken the time to cultivate.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Virginia, we have taken care to provide customized landscape lighting for clientele for two decades. If you’re ready to install upscale pool lighting or landscape lighting in your backyard, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives today to schedule your complimentary outdoor lighting consultation. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you make the most of your summer nights!