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Aldie Outdoor Lighting Company Designs Custom Landscape Lighting to Create Backyard Retreats Fit for Uncorking Your Most Beloved Vintage

Living the dream life in Aldie, Virginia is that much sweeter when you can enjoy your gorgeous property at night. Gone are the days of blinding floodlights and cheap solar path lights, today’s homeowners agree, professionally designed outdoor lighting is the best way to illuminate your home. From the road to the front yard and entry all the way around to your backyard entertaining space, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Virginia is proud to offer custom outdoor lighting services to all of Aldie.

In fact, we think you’ll love your lighting so much, you’ll finally have a daily excuse to uncork your most favorite bottle of wine, local or imported.

Outdoor Living Lighting

One of the most popular requests we get for landscape lighting designs in Aldie is for patio lighting, deck lighting, and pool lighting. Enjoying your entire backyard entertaining space as often as possible and for as long as possible is best done with the addition of gorgeous custom outdoor lighting. You’ve invested in the spaces, with just a little more you can extend your use well into the night for summer parties and an everyday retreat.

Aldie Pool Lighting
Illuminate your deck, patio, or pool for the best outdoor living in Aldie.

Exterior Home Lighting

What is it that you love most about your home? Does it feature a unique type of siding? Maybe some stone or brickwork that is quite old, or very new? Does it have a cool bay window or unique pop out? Maybe it has decorative brackets or a special roof line. No matter what details give your home its unique charm, we’ll highlight it for the world to see at night.

Our subtle exterior home lighting will highlight the texture of your siding or masonry work, can shine to your highest peaks, and can take full advantage of the beauty of your homes age (new or old). No matter what the final custom design is, the results will be added curb appeal and a warm welcome to friends, family, and neighbors arriving at night!

Aldie Landscape Lighting Experts

Whether your property is large, small, or somewhere in between, we love to create custom landscape lighting designs for our clients.

Tree lighting is just the start. With focal lighting and moonlighting we will utilize your favorite trees, from Oaks and Maples to decorative Japanese Maples and Cherry Trees to anchor your landscape lighting design with the majesty that makes each tree so special.

Path and landscape lights will be added along your paths and in your flower beds to accent your shrubbery and flowers. With our professional-grade copper and brass lights, you’ll enjoy a beautiful their patina over the seasons as our lighting fixtures come with a lifetime warranty.

And as your vegetation matures over the years, you can count on us for a maintenance or service call to adjust your lighting and trim away a few branches here and there to be sure your custom lighting design maintains its integrity as your property changes with time.

If you’re ready to show off your home and property at night, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives today to schedule your FREE nighttime demonstration. (703) 936-7190

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