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Ashburn Outdoor Lighting Company Impresses Local Residents and Business Owners with Stunning Landscape Lighting Installations

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Virginia is proud to offer gorgeous outdoor lighting services and landscape lighting services to the amazing city of Ashburn.

Ashburn is the Center of the Internet and #2 on Money Magazines 2018 Best Places to Live list. The reasons Ashburn is such a great place are plentiful, but it is easy for us to say it is the people of Ashburn! Residents are warm and welcoming to new-comers and guests alike, while Ashburn business owners make client care #1 above all else.

Nothing makes us happier than to offer our outdoor lighting design and installation services to the great people of Ashburn. We love to illuminate your homes and businesses to help you achieve your goals for a beautiful home and a profitable business.

Ashburn Residential Outdoor Lighting

Illuminating your property at night offers many benefits. With outdoor lighting, you can enjoy increased curb appeal, added beauty to your entire property, and improved safety and security. With a variety of types of lighting offered, we’ll customize your outdoor lighting system to meet your home and family’s exact requirements.

Ashburn Residential Outdoor Lighting Installation

Exterior Home Lighting

With exterior home lighting we highlight all the gorgeous features of your home! From wall wash lighting on your gorgeous brick or stonework to highlighting columns, peaks, porches, and bump-outs, all the features that make your home the charmer it is will be accented for lovely nighttime enjoyment.

Landscape Lighting

Trees, perennials, annuals, and a lush gorgeous lawn are your pride and joy. With our landscape lighting designs and installations, you can show off your property at night. With path lights in your garden beds and focal lighting on trees and your favorite accessories, you’ll enjoy a gorgeous scene at night while providing a warm welcome to visitors.

Backyard Lighting

Outdoor living is a necessity for today’s homeowners. With decks, patios, pools, and porches extending our living square footage into the backyard, it is vital that lighting is included to make those spaces functional even when the sun is not up.

Ashburn Commercial Outdoor Lighting

Competing for business is an ever-changing landscape all brick and mortar business owners are glaring down with constant uncertainty. One thing is certain though, if you don’t have outdoor lighting, you are limiting yourself to daytime hours.

Sign Lighting for Increased Visibility

One of the most popular and important things a business needs is visibility. With custom sign lighting and landscape lighting around your entrance, you can ensure that your clients and guests find you at night easily and always.

Patio and Recreational Space Lighting for Cool Vibes and Repeat Visitors

For businesses in the guest-services industry such as hotels, clubs, and restaurants, creating an outdoor space that functions after dark is vital. We offer stunning lighting for patios, dining areas, and recreational areas that will create a unique vibe and encourage your guests to become regulars! In fact, our bistro lighting for outdoor dining is so popular it can really transform your dining patio!

Call today to learn more about all our best lighting options and schedule your free nighttime demonstration and design consultation. (703) 936-7190

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