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Does Your Lighting Look the Same as the Day it was Installed?

Over time, even with the most high quality professionally designed outdoor lighting systems can be susceptible to elements such as landscape re-designs or overgrowth, children, pets and weather. Our copper and brass lighting fixtures are made from the best from best materials on the market. They will not chip, deteriorate or fall apart. That does not mean they won’t get moved around or disturbed by certain activities in your yard. That is why Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northwest Atlanta offers what is called an Annual Maintenance Plan to ensure that you lighting looks as good as the day it was installed.

  • Perform visual inspection of fixture placement, design scheme, and recommend possible enhancements
  • Straighten and adjust fixtures to ensure design integrity
  • Remove mulch and debris that might be covering fixtures
  • Check all connections
  • Check for proper voltage delivery on each fixture
  • Clean lenses and fixtures to ensure longevity and correct light output
  • Tighten transformer terminal block connections
  • Conceal any exposed wire due to foot traffic or erosive conditions
  • Limited pruning (with your guidance as needed)
  • Check automatic timing and operational control system
  • Annual replacement of all halogen lamps where applicable

    We service and retrofit existing outdoor lighting systems, even if OLP did not install them.

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