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Holiday Lighting Made Easier and Better

Derek Norwood has been designing and installing Outdoor Lighting for more than a handful of years now. Although every installation is a creative one-of-a-kind lighting design, Derek says he enjoys holiday lighting season the most. “I always feel good when my clients and I view their home right after their initial installation. But, viewing our Christmas installations adds that extra feeling of magic and warmth.”

Not only is his lighting spectacular and unique, it has a range of other benefits. Derek’s holiday lighting division of Outdoor Lighting Perspective does all the work for you. You never have to get up on another ladder. His group comes out to your home to install the lighting and after Christmas, they come back out to take it down. They even store it safely until the next year.

Installation, take-down and storage are hassle-free but the lighting is also tremendously energy efficient. The lights are LED so they take very little energy and the bulbs run for up to 100,000 hours.

Another great feature is how unique the lights are. Icicle lights abound up and down Main Street America. Derek’s lighting selection includes the very popular snowflake lights, but you can choose candy cane lights, snowman lights, and many other popular designs.

residential chicago holiday lighting

Derek also designs holiday lighting for community and subdivision entrances.

subdivision entrance lighting

Derek serves the greater Chicago area.