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How Much Design is There in Lighting Design?

Have you noticed the elevated importance of design all around us now? How often have you been shopping for something simple like a toothbrush or notebook and been fascinated by all the different designs available on the shelf? Sometimes it’s additional functionality that adds more design to an item. Sometimes the design of an item just has more style. Sometimes, what makes the design special simply has to do with the color of the item.

Red Hot!

Look at this gorgeous red Kitchen Aid mixer from Target.

This gorgeous mixer is $249. I can imagine myself standing at Target looking at mixers and trying to justify $249 for a mixer by some complex formula that goes something like this. Well, if I use the mixer once/week over the next 5 years, that’s only $1 per mix. And, adding the joy I will get when I bring that beautiful RED mixer out, will make my mixing that much more fun. Oooh, and I will have so much more fun making my holiday items with my red mixer. I am certain that if only the black version of this mixer was on the shelf, I would not be talking myself into buying such an upscale kitchen appliance.

Do people pay more for some colors than others?

Just yesterday, I stood at Best Buy with my husband looking at the Sony Walkman he is getting for me for Christmas

He had already purchased this red Walkman for me for $99.99 but then saw that the black version of this same Sony Walkman was only $69.99. So we went back to the store to find out the difference. They both had 8GB of memory. Turns out the difference was that the red one has speakers and can play without the earphones through the speakers. Unfortunately the sound with the attractive red speakers are about as loud and about the same quality as a cell phone. But still, I sat there trying to justify the extra $30 because of the color.

The facets of outdoor lighting design

The outdoor lighting design plan comes first. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, our local owner schedules a visit to your home for an early evening demonstration. He/she meets with you to discuss your objectives for lighting your home, yard, paths, and outdoor living spaces. From there comes an outdoor lighting design plan also called a landscape lighting design plan. An outdoor lighting design plan details which fixtures should be used, where they should go, and even how they should be pointed to attain the lighting effect that you want. Then, your lighting consultant will actually set up lights to show you what the lighting will look like at your home.These are the actual lights with temporary lighting so you can see exactly what you are getting.

The other facet in outdoor lighting design is the fixture itself. Our copper path light is a prime example of the importance of fixture design.

copper fixture

The hood of the fixture is made of genuine copper. Metals are a hot design commodity right now. But this copper path light was designed with copper long before this emerging trend. We believe in using the highest quality materials so our fixtures will last for a very long time. That’s why we’re happy to warranty our fixtures.

But in addition to the quality of copper, we love the fact that it patinas. A great fixture not only looks great when new but then evolves to become part of your landscape, part of your yard, and part of your home.

Loving the design of lighting fixtures, I recently came upon this blog site called primed4design. Each week, they feature what they call a “Dandy Chandy” which is a chandelier with amazing design qualities.

In short, there’s a lot more to lighting design than meets the eye.