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The Lights Don’t Need to Go out When You Take the Holiday Lighting Down

It’s the evening of December 25th. The thing that’s clouding my mind is sleep. But, trying to breakthrough the overwhelming desire to take a load off after a long day of giving/receiving gifts, too much eating, and family visits is what’s next. I’m thinking of what’s on my list for December 26th. As I walk the bags of wrapping paper filled trash bags out to the curb, I look around at all the beautiful outdoor holiday lights and wish the magic would not end.

Think about all the magic we feel as we drive around neighborhoods and town centers and enjoy the beautiful lighting. There’s a sense of serenity, and magic, and safety in seeing homes subtly illuminated with gentle light.

Now is the best time to consider adding outdoor lighting to your home. To continue the magic that holiday lighting added to your home, one of the best ways to start is by adding well lighting for your home. Well lighting gently illuminates your home generally from within your front shrubbery to make the facade of your home visible at night.

The lighting design for the home above was created, installed and serviced by Clay Johnston of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Roanoke, Richmond, and Charlottesville.

The photo above also includes great pathway lighting. Whereas a well light that illuminates up toward the house does not necessarily need to be an attractive fixture, fixtures that illuminate paths, driveways and other areas should be attractive as you’ll see in the Outdoor Lighting Perspectives copper path light. You can see in the picture below where the well lights illuminate the house from behind the shrubbery and the path lights illuminate the path from the other side.

path well lighting at night

After lighting your home and your pathways and walkways, the next thing to look at is driveway lighting. While outdoor lighting enhances your home security by discouraging prowlers and thieves with well-lit areas where they can be seen, driveway lighting makes it safer for you and your guests as you come and go to your home.

san antonio home lighting at night

The best news is that you don’t have to pick which lights are right for your home until you see, in lights, how the recommended outdoor lighting will look at your home. Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives for a totally free night-time demonstration. You tell us your goals, we recommend a lighting plan and set up temporary lights at your home to show you exactly what you would be getting. There’s no obligation.