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Visit Our Brand New Commercial Outdoor Lighting Website

We are thrilled to launch our new commercial outdoor lighting design website

The website features an array of information about our exclusive line of commercial outdoor lighting fixturesOutdoor Lighting Perspectives works directly with a Nashville, TN lighting manufacturer that designs all of our commercial and residential outdoor lighting fixtures exclusively for Outdoor Lighting Perspectives. The commercial outdoor lighting line is not new to the company. In fact, it’s offered through our Outdoor Lighting Perspectives locations around the country. The local offices sell consumer outdoor lighting as well as commercial and home lighting automation.

After reviewing the web site, you can download a PDF with everything from photos down to the nitty gritty detail of the commercial fixture cut sheets.

But, to make it easier for you, just click here for the lighting design download called “Designing with Light”.

The commercial fixture portfolio includes:

LC-07 Medium Range Bollard

LC-10 Versatile Flood Light

LC-15 Up/Down Light

LC-20 Directional Accent Light

LC-38AL Bullet Fixture

LC-38BR Bullet Fixture

LC-40 Pole Lamp Post

LC-50BF Box Flood Lamp

In the photo above, you’ll see the commercial bollard light illuminating the pathway and the commercial bullet fixture illuminating the building.

For more information, contact your local Outdoor Lighting Perspectives location.