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Outdoor Christmas Decorating with LED Lights

How many times have we driven by a house with roof line lights and mused about how lovely their Christmas decorating is? How often have we noticed a home with a beautiful giant fir or pine tree and only that item is decorated with light and noted how beautifully the home is decorated for Christmas? In fact, outdoor Christmas decorating really is all about light.

snowflakes on roof line
The nice thing, as I’ve mentioned above is you don’t need to illuminate every aspect of your home to have great holiday decorating. As a matter of fact, you can consider your outdoor holiday decorating set like a fine china set or other collectible set and have a plan to grow your outdoor holiday lighting collection year-by-year.

Outdoor holiday lighting is one of those things you should consider a collection. You should research and plan what you are going to purchase. You should have a plan to store it properly and you should plan to have a professional install it for you.

icicles on roof line
So where should you start in your collection? A great metaphor would be to compare it to collecting tableware. With tableware, you start with the staples – the dinner plates. In outdoor Christmas lighting, this is the roofline lights. Roofline lights come in many varieties. The ones you see here are from a collection of “lightlinks”. These LED lights come in a ton of different styles – everything from snowflakes, to bows, to candy canes and just about any Christmas motif you can think of. They’re tremendously energy efficient because they’re LED.

toy soldier light on lawn
Continuing the metaphor, lighting various focal elements in your yard is the “salad plate”. Perhaps you have one or several large trees in your yard that serve as focal elements in your yard. These are always beautiful to light. Or, you may want to look at some lighted decor.

The dessert or icing on the cake is the small and defining holiday decor accents such as lighted garland around your front door or around your front gate. You can also put lighted garland around your front fence.

Another perfect holiday accent is a lighted wreath. We often think about using a small lighted wreath on our door but consider a very large wreath in a prominent area on the front facade of your home.

Wreaths come in so many great shapes these days. 

Remember that after the season, you have to have a good storage plan. With our holiday lighting, when the season is over, we come take it down for you and store it.

Holiday lighting is great to invest in because you can use it for so many years to come. You may only hang it for a small amount of time during the year but you can use it year-after-year. And, if there’s one time of the year that you really want top-notch product to make you house beautiful, it’s when you have guests, family and friends visiting – at the biggest holiday of the year.