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LED Lighting Is at the Heart of the New Apple iPad Tablet Computer

The reason for the stunning and vibrant image quality of high definition movies on the new Apple iPad tablet computer is an LED lightsource, according to Apple Senior Vice President Hardware, Bob Mansfield.

“Wow. This is a really vibrant display. The backlighting system is LED, and LED is what gives you the crispness and color quality in the display itself.” Mansfield says in the new Apple iPad video overview. Watch the Apple iPad video here.

It’s amazing how LEDs have taken off in popularity in just a few years, and how far they have come. It used to be that only low voltage halogen landscape lighting fixtures were the preferred choice for outdoor lighting and architectural highlighting for both homes and businesses, but thanks to LED lighting, it’s a whole new ballgame.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives now features an incredible selection of new LEDoutdoor lighting and landscape lighting fixtures, all handcrafted out of copper and brass. Casting beautifully rich warm glows of LED light, these new LED lighting fixtures are an excellent choice for the safety and security illumination of both homes and businesses. And your energy savings can be very dramatic, as LED outdoor lighting is 80% more efficient than conventional line voltage outdoor lighting. 80%! That’s huge.

path lighting fixtures

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