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It Really Does Pay to Change Light Bulbs

As more of our customers start purchasing and changing over to LED light fixtures and light bulbs, we are starting to see some really good math about the savings that can be realized in more energy efficient bulbs.

duke coupon example

We recently received this coupon from our energy company, Duke Energy. Their offer – a free 6-pack of energy smart light bulbs. The value of this offer was almost $12 at the retailer where the coupon could be redeemed – WalMart. My husband was ranting and raving about the coupon so I asked to see the coupon to find the hidden disclaimer, offer, or some other indicator that it really was too good to be true. But, Duke Energy was really just handing us $11.88 in free light bulbs.

Being in the business, I realized the savings for the Duke Energy and how it would pay off for Duke and for us. But, I looked on their web site to see the financials in detail. This bulb uses 75% less energy and pays for itself in 6 months. It also lasts 10 times longer than traditional incandescent bulbs.

So how can Duke afford to do this?

From their mailing they state, "If every Duke Energy customer receiving this offer installs six CFL’s, our customers will save the amount of energy needed to serve 51,000 homes."

So, switching to energy efficient bulbs such as LED’s for outdoor lighting will not only pay for itself long before the bulb goes out, it also pays off by saving energy.