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I'm Feeling the Christmas Spirit for the First Time in Several Years

It’s November 14th and I just bought Christmas wrapping paper. I can’t believe I have the Christmas spirit for the first time in too many years. I remember two years ago trying to convince my husband not to even get out the tree since we would be splitting Christmas between home and the in-laws house. Last year I tried to protest with trimming the tree by saying I was busy cleaning the kitchen and I’d be there in a while. He gave me that pleading look like “do it for the kids”.

The last couple years have been so tough financially. They’ve just taken all the fun out of the Christmas season. This year is only modestly better but I think I’m just tired of bearing the weight of this recession on my shoulders. The depression doesn’t care if I have a good Christmas.

This past summer I planted a tree in my front yard to represent growth. It was a bit of a skinny scraggly tree but every time I looked at it, it seemed I could see it grow. This past Halloween I actually decorated the tree that’s now over 7 feet tall and I can’t wait to decorate it with white Christmas lights. I’ve always loved white Christmas lights. They’re simple, elegant and classic.

I’m looking forward to having my outdoor lighting guy come out and hook me up with some white string lights for my trees out front.