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Say No to the Fancy Red and Green Boxes

OK, we’ve all been there. We’re standing in front of one of the fanciest schmanciest displays of red and green plastic boxes and buckets and cases and cans ever known to man. Something about that assortment of boxes just makes us want to start filling them. We immediately think of the largest selection of holiday stuff we can put in the biggest and fanciest of those boxes.

Then, we get even a little crazier. We think of buying an assortment of red and green Sharpie Markers to label those bad boys. We get this vision in our heads of Martha Stewart filling and labeling her boxes and think of how proud she would be of us. But what could be better? Well, we could use our extra holiday tissue paper as packing material within our boxes so let’s buy extra tissue paper for that. And, we could even have hubby build a set of wooden shelving units just to hold the fancy plastic Christmas buckets full of lots of Christmas stuff.

Now how many things are wrong with this picture?

This doesn’t make sense financially. It’s not a good use of the square footage in our homes for something that gets pulled out for less than 1/12th of the year. With this scenario, we likely spend more on storing the holiday stuff than we do on the holiday stuff.

Although we don’t have a solution for storing your indoor Christmas decorations, we do have the ultimate solution for storing your outdoor Christmas decorations. We buy the boxes. We take down your decorations. We store it for you until next year and re-deliver it when you like next year. Sound too good to be true? It’s not.

Our Christmas lighting and decor line includes everything you need to light up and decorate your home and yard for the holiday season. We have lights for your home, lights for your trees, pre-lit garlands, and pre-lit wreaths. We have the widest selection of illuminated LED holiday decor you can imagine. And, we truly do it all.

You pick out what you want.

We order it.

We deliver it.

We install it.

We pack it back up.

We take it away.

We store it.

And, we bring it back next year when you’re ready to put up your 2011 holiday decorations.

See our Christmas and holiday lighting Facebook page and be sure to look at the photos from the holiday collections.