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LED Outdoor Lighting in Lloyd Neck Long Island

We are hearing a lot about energy efficiency. Many of us are doing small things to do our part. Some of us are investing in a hybrid car or doing small things like using less power at our own homes by being more cognizant of personal energy consumption.

As it relates to lighting, LED lighting is the one to beat for energy efficiency.

As compared to incandescent bulbs, LED bulbs:

  • Have lower energy consumption
  • Have a longer lifetime – lasting up to 10 times longer than compact fluorescent lights
  • Are cooler – LED bulbs do not cause heat build up
  • Have greater durability – with no filament and because they are solid, they are substantially more durable than filament bulbs
  • Have more reliability – because they do not have filaments, they are much more reliable

But, in addition to the energy savings and positive environmental impact, LED’s also have an outstanding Color Rendering Index (CRI). The CRI is the light’s ability to illuminate the objects faithfully in comparison to how they would be illuminated with natural outdoor light.

dennis and amy dowling of long island

Dennis and Amy Dowling of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Long Island are currently working to install LED outdoor lighting. Tall Pines in Long Island is home to a beautiful estate over looking a panoramic view of Huntington Harbor.Like many homeowners who undergo renovations, their house and landscape had recently completed a renovation with a focus on energy efficiency.

Working closely with the Landscape Architect, Dennis Dowling had planned a highly energy efficient OLP LED outdoor lighting solution for the client.

The Outdoor Lighting Perspectives system is designed complete with lighting control automation.The lighting will be controlled from the home owners Lutron system (key-pads, timers, switches & remote devices).

The new LED system will use a much smaller amount of energy, and the bulbs are good for 20 -25 years. See some pictures below.

See the LED path light fixtures going down the steps to the water.

single path light

Below is an image of the path lights at the top of the steps.

top of stairs lighting