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A Moon Lit Evening with Soft Romantic Lights Illuminating Your Gazebo

In my family we have a little secret spot. This secret spot has been the location where my grandpa stole his first kiss from my grandma when they were courting. In the past, I have even caught my own parents in an embrace or two, slow dancing to only the sound of the wind. The secret spot is the gazebo located on the grounds of my great grandparents 4th generation home. This gazebo has been the spot for many sweet romantic interludes.

gazebo at night
When some friends of mine decided on a dusk wedding, I offered our family gazebo up as the perfect location. We then realized that our gazebo might not have enough interior light for a wedding ceremony. We contacted our local Outdoor Lighting Perspectives and they met with me and my family and designed a gazebo outdoor lighting design that made our gazebo enchanting at night. Their understanding of how this gazebo was actually not only a part of the landscape but also a cherished family heirloom made us realize we could put our trust in Outdoor Lighting Perspectives hands. They even set up a free night-time demonstration so we could make sure there would be enough light for the ceremony.

Needless to say, our friends were married in that gazebo under the wonderful lights that Outdoor Lighting Perspectives installed last spring. I can’t think of a better place to have started memories, or a better place to offer to my friends for their special day. We now look forward to many more evenings under the lights in our gazebo. Now when the moon doesn’t offer enough light inside the gazebo, we can rest easy knowing our gentle outdoor lighting makes it possible to read, lounge, share a warm cup of hot chocolate, or just spend time talking to friends in our gazebo.

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