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Pool Lighting, Water Feature Lighting, Spa Lighting and More.

The addition of “movement” to a water feature such as a pool or hot tub can really awaken your senses. Water features are beautiful and gratifying in their own rite, but when you add the addition of movement to the water feature, your senses get a whole different take on the area.

Imagine water trickling gently over a rock wall spilling into your pool. You are probably already imagining it and feeling relaxation take over. The lighting in your water feature can add to the whole effect as you not only hear the trickle that lulls you into relaxation but you can see the light playing off of the movement as well.

san antonio pool lighting
People in general, use their senses to aid in making their decisions for them. If the food is pleasing to the palette, naturally you take a second bite. The same can be said for creating an oasis of moving water and water lighting in your pool area. It looks appealing and engages more than one of our senses at a time.

The addition of pool or underwater lighting in your existing pool or water feature can really help your mind take in all the beauty. Even if you’re not by the pool, you can look out the windows of your home and transport yourself there by taking in the views. Lighting up your water feature at night also makes it safer for night-time jaunts on those hot summer days. Typical flood lights don’t illuminate the pool the way carefully designed pool lighting hits all the key areas so you can swim and lounge with no worries.

spa lighting
Outdoor Lighting Perspectives specializes in lighting water features such as waterfalls, pools and spas and areas of enjoyment around your pool such as patios and pergolas. We can meet with you and help you create a safe, tranquil and inviting lighting design that will tantalize all your senses.

We have professional outdoor lighting locations nationwide.