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When You Think Deck, You Think Sunshine

Argh, this has been a snowy winter with places all around the country having record snowfall. The snow at least melts off the trees for a couple days and as I look out my window from my warm living room chair, I start dreaming about sitting on my deck, drinking a frosted lemonade and curling up with a favorite book on my favorite chair.

My musing drags me out of my comfy warm chair and I peek over the glass on my back window. Well, the photo above says it all. But, the snow will not get me down. Now that I’ve started thinking about my deck, I’m going to start planning early to be able to spend more time out there during the summer.

The first thing I’m going to do as soon as the darn snow melts is have someone come over to quote outdoor lighting for me. Right now, under the snow, I have those cute string lights that look adorable and light up absolutely nothing. I may even leave them on for decoration. And occasionally, I’ll get a tiki torch for flair and ambiance.

backyard deck lighting

But, I’m going to get the real deck lighting so I can spend lots of time on my deck this summer to make up for all the time I’m spending in the house this winter.