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How Does Your Garden Glow?

front path lighting

Spring is a time for renewal. Look around you. Mother nature has began the renewal of beauty in every corner of our world. The beauty of the garden in itself is breathtaking, imagine pairing this beauty with unforgettable garden lighting.

Your Hydrangeas will appear even bluer in the late evening, and your Peonies will have more pizazz. Just sit back, relax and take in the awakening going on around you morning, noon and night.

garden lighting on hydrangeas
Garden lighting is quickly rising to the top of the list among those that covet blooms and buds. From the backyard gardener to the master gardener, outdoor lighting is extending our hours of enjoyment in the garden. There are even some species of flowers that are at full peak bloom only in the evening, such as the Angel’s trumpet and many others. The addition of garden lighting can make it possible to witness these flowers in all their glory.

The garden centers boast a variety of outdoor lighting kits. But, they are inferior in regards to the quality of the fixtures, outdoor lighting design, planning that goes into the lighting when you hire a lighting professional to install your garden lighting. After all, you wouldn’t apply cut rate fertilizer on your prized roses would you?

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives has been specializing in illuminating the night-time garden for years. We know how to plan and design lighting that enhances your garden, instead of just “putting out some lights”. From up lighting prizes palms, to stake lighting a garden path abound with blooms, we have the experience and the design savvy to get the job done right. Call us to set up a night-time demonstration to show how your garden can not only grow… but glow!