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Use Your Deck Longer Into the Season with Deck Lighting

The summer is sadly coming to an end, which means nights are going to start earlier. So often people start to move their activities inside when it gets dark earlier even though the weather is still nice. With deck and patio lighting, you don’t have to.

My parents had a deck growing up that we used all the time when the weather was nice (in Maine, you have to take what you can get). It was very common to find our family having dinner outside whenever possible. Unfortunately, we would have to move inside as the nights got longer. Not because it was too chilly to be outside, but because we couldn’t see clearly! That changed when my dad had deck lights installed. All we needed were a few around the edges and two on the steps and we were good to go! We could spend more time outdoors later into the fall.

Decks and patios increase the amount of usable space on your property, so it is important to make sure you can use it any time you want! Low voltage deck lighting is a great way to do that. Small lights can be installed along the perimeter railing to provide safe footing and easy visibility. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we highly suggest that homeowners have adequate lighting on any steps or pathways that are used frequently.

Patio lighting is similar to deck lighting as it is placed around the outside of the space, but different fixtures may be used too depending on the space. If you have a low-grade patio (low to the ground), path lights are a good option while certain deck lights or specific retaining wall lights will work if needed.

outdoor deck lighting

Many of our locations are currently offering lighting packages that include lighting for decks and patios. Visit the Outdoor Lighting Perspectives’ website to see which lighting packages are available in your areas. Each package includes a designed and installed system, including wire and a transformer. While some homeowners may think that they need 15+ lights on their property to have it adequately lit, most properties don’t need that many. Our high-quality fixtures provide more light output than you may expect. Our trained lighting designers look to see which parts of your property need to be lit for safety and usability purposes and which need to be lit for beauty and design the system accordingly.

If you are interested in adding lighting to your outdoor living space, contact your local Outdoor Lighting Perspectives office.