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Illuminate your Beautiful Yard with Landscape Lighting

Your yard is a thing of beauty. It’s so enthralling that many landscaping critics have described your yard with superlatives. However, all your efforts at beautifying the exterior of your residence are useless when the veil of darkness creeps in.

Nighttime landscape lighting can be the solution. With carefully placed lights, you can have a stunning residential façade that highlights your efforts at making your yard look beautiful. Of course, you need to set your goals as to why you want to light up your yard in the first place. Are you installing illumination at specific areas to increase security in your home? Or are there other reasons?

Whatever your purpose, you have to take aesthetics and function into careful consideration. You have to make sure that the lighting arrangement does not clash with the overall architecture of your property. For example, if your yard is not exactly a flat mound, you will need ample lighting in the elevated areas to ensure the safety of your family and guests.

You may find that in the middle of the process, you’d have to make significant changes to your existing yard layout, such as move some plants, trim several tree branches, or pave the way with concrete tiles. These are necessary for the play of light and shadow on your patio or courtyard. For a dramatic effect, not every corner needs to be illuminated.

Thus, landscape lighting, much like commercial outdoor lighting design, isn’t as straightforward as it seems. You have to make extensive plans by charting your lot and identifying every single element in it. Remember, these elements will affect how your lights will appear.

Many objects on your yard will absorb the photons emitted by your fluorescent lamp, while others can bounce them off and diffuse the brightness. Figure out how tall the foliage can be, as the height can affect illumination, particularly when these are placed near your house. With the help of a professional landscaping contractor like Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, you can end up with a stunning front yard that passersby will admire no matter the time of day.