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Make Your Home Safe this Holiday Season

This festive time of year is when we all gather with friends and family to celebrate a year gone by and the arrival of a new year. Before you open your doors to all of your guests, make sure that your property is safe for all that visit. Here are some simple ideas to make the outside of your home a little safer this holiday season.

Sweep off your walkways. As the leaves fall from your trees and onto your yard, make sure you clear off any walkways leading to your home. A swept walkway not only provides a clear path to the door, but also a safe path. Leaves can hold moisture and become slippery when wet.

Pick up after the kids. This time of the year the days get shorter and the nights get longer. Make sure you pick up any toys that your kids play with so no one trips and falls as they come to sing you carols.

Salt your driveways and walkways. I grew up in the great state of Maine but now live in Virginia. In Maine, people know the importance of salting walkways and driveways (I can’t even count how many times I’ve slipped on ice), but it’s needed even in southern states. Just a little moisture can be enough to freeze over and become slippery. Salt will help thaw it but it also provides some traction if needed.

Consider outdoor lighting. It was a great day when my dad had path and deck lighting installed to illuminate all of the well-traveled areas around our home. Our friends and family had sure and safe footing because they could see everything. Not only does outdoor lighting add to the safety of your property, but also the beauty. Our outdoor path lighting created a beautiful glow on the freshly fallen snow every year.

If you have questions regarding how outdoor lighting can increase the safety of your home, call your local Outdoor Lighting Perspectives office.