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LED Tape Light – Under Lighting for Your Outdoor Areas

Have you even been to a restaurant with furniture that seems to glow from underneath it? This past March, my husband I visited London and more specifically a rooftop bar that overlooked the Thames and the entire city. All of the furniture outdoors seemed to glow from underneath in beautiful blues, reds and purples. It was gorgeous (and oh so chic). This effect is created using LED tape or LED bars.

LED tape or LED bars can be installed underneath objects to provide additional lighting. While LED rope has been around for a long time, LED tape and LED bars are newer and allow lighting designers to direct the light appropriately. The LED bulbs, as opposed to incandescent bulbs will provide a steady color output making it consistent along the entire length of the object whether it be a bench, railing or step.

The uses for LED tape or bars are endless, with both indoor and outdoor applications. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we have used LED tape to under light water features as well as on deck stairs and railings.

While installing stair lights is a process that includes cutting out spaces for the brick-shaped fixture, LED tape or bar lights can be a much easier installation. Although the install may be easier, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t effective. Tape light will emit enough illumination to provide sure footing for your friends and family.

So what is the difference between LED tape and LED bar? LED tape is thin line of LED lights whose bulbs can be easily viewed from the side. The LED bar is used when the consumer doesn’t want view the bulbs themselves, just the light. The bulbs are inset in a thin bar. If there is no lip on the edge of whatever is being lit, a LED bar may make more sense than LED tape.

In previous posts we have mentioned how outdoor lighting continues to evolve. There is furniture that has lighting, glowing bulbs, glowing planters and more. LED tape provides a similar effect using the existing objects that you have in your outdoor living spaces. It can be adhered to chairs, benches, tables and more in a variety of colors making it pop.

If you are interested in learning how LED tape or LED bars can enhance your outdoor spaces, contact your local Outdoor Lighting Perspectives.