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Outdoor Lighting Included in Dynamic Deck Design

Outdoor living is an industry that people are passionate about. For those of us who enjoy spending time outdoors, it makes sense that we invest in those spaces. In recent years, as homeowners have decided to stay in their current homes instead of sell them, they have upgraded their outdoor living spaces. The options in outdoor living are endless. There are decks, porches, patios, sunrooms, outdoor kitchens, fire pits and more. What makes sense for the homeowner is something they have to decide depending on how they are going to use the space.

Recently, Kentucky Home and Gardens magazine ran an article entitled Dynamic Deck Design by Kirsten E. Silven. With all of the options in deck design we were thrilled to see outdoor lighting featured: “Lighting is perhaps one of the most important features of any deck, as it will extend the use of the space beyond the daytime hours and will help to create a safe, beautiful environment for entertaining after dark,” Silven explains. We couldn’t agree more.

Additionally, the article included a number of stunning decks, 4 of which were taken at night with beautiful deck lighting. Three of those pictures included Outdoor Lighting Perspectives deck lighting. The first, pictured above, is a beautiful deck that has space for dining and relaxing in the hot tub. The space looks warm and inviting, but can you imagine if the deck lights were turned off? It wouldn’t be nearly as welcoming.

outdoor deck lighting

The second and third images are great examples of why outdoor lighting is so important when it comes to safety. Both of these projects include multiple levels. Multi-level decks are great for defining different spaces on the deck, but if they aren’t properly lit at night, they then become a safety concern. The outdoor lighting designers of these projects did a great job in properly lighting the steps and rest of the deck.

outdoor path lighting at night

When homeowners invest in outdoor living, it’s important that they be able to use the space easily and safely no matter what time of day. They can’t do that if they don’t have efficient outdoor lighting. If you want to learn how outdoor lighting systems can help you increase your time outdoors, please visit us online at

Thank you to Kirsten E. Silven and Kentucky Homes and Gardens for including Outdoor Lighting Perspectives on this piece.